Caldina GT-Four N 2.0L 3S-GTE

I just love it!

108 words


Caldina ST215 2.0 turbo unleaded

Great wagon, with performance to boot

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Caldina GT-T 2.0 turbo petrol

Toyota reliability with space and performance.

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Caldina GT-t 3sgte petrol

It's awesome in every way

86 words, 6 comments

Caldina 1.8 petrol

Cheap reliable transport

50 words, 1 comment

Caldina G 2.0

I have been very happy with this car, less one or two faults as mentioned

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Caldina GT 2.0 Beams VVTi

Sporty looking wagon, with performance to back up its aggressive styling

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Caldina GT-T 3SGTE

One of the best cars I have owned

100 words, 2 comments

Caldina GT-t 2.0 turbo

Sensible reliable performance car

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Caldina GTT 2.0 litre turbo

Fantastic, but a little cramped

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Caldina CZ 2.0 diesel

Very good if you do not require power

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Caldina TZ 2.0

Where's the air-conditioning

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