Camry GLS Wagon 2.2 petrol

Solid and reliable

304 words

Camry 3.0 V6

Great vehicle; robust and well built

56 words

Camry Standard 2.2 petrol

Terrible; keep away from this shocking vehicle, extremly unreliable, stay away!

85 words, 75 comments

Camry CSi 2.2L 4 cylinder twin cam

It's the perfect car for me

197 words, 1 comment

Camry CSI 2.2L 4 cylinder

I wouldn't sell this to my mother in law

135 words, 3 comments

Camry Conquest 3.0i V6

Alright, but wouldn't buy another Camry. Next car might be a V8 Holden Calais, Ford G6T. More power!

285 words

Camry CSi 3.0L V6 petrol

Most comfortable car I have ever driven

554 words

Camry CSi 2.2 petrol

Another fine (if boring) car from Toyota

149 words

Camry CSI 3.0L V6

High quality, reliable and quiet ride!

785 words

Camry CSI 2.2 petrol

Excellent, Great family car

54 words

Camry 220 GL 2.2 petrol

High quality, spacious, reliable and cheap to maintain.

653 words, 1 comment

Camry csi 2.2 petrol

Needs improvement

47 words

Camry 220GL 2.2

Just another anonymous family car

188 words, 2 comments

Camry CSi 2.2

Economical and dependable

71 words