21st Dec 2012, 10:42

Toyota buyers have the attitude "Don't bother me with facts, my mind is made up". Apparently no amount of disregard for their customers sways them. As a therapist I'd consider that a sign of denial.

21st Dec 2012, 15:38

Actually if you check the monthly sales records on U.S. car sales, you'll find that for some time now it has been (number 1) GM, (number 2) Ford and (number 3) Toyota. I don't regard sales as an indicator of quality or value, as the top selling models are a gas guzzling truck and the world's most recalled car. All that tells me is that people don't care about the environment, and don't inform themselves about recalls or disregard for car buyers' safety.

22nd Dec 2012, 11:33

Toyota makes a line of high MPG vehicles and gas shot up. So their sales are up. It wasn't until 1980 that gas crossed over to a dollar a gallon. Even then, if gas was not an issue, why wasn't Toyota a big seller until now? Take away gas prices and see what people would be buying today.

23rd Dec 2012, 05:38

The top selling vehicle has been for decades a full size truck. This is a thrift review, all about cost of gas (nearly 4 bucks a gallon). Trucks are very versatile and save delivery charges, are great for towing etc. Small ones are too limited and I maintain you could buy a hatchback car and tie the lid down. Once you buy a full size truck, it's hard to live without one. They are usually vehicle 2 or 3 in a family.

23rd Dec 2012, 22:18

It is not really worth owning a full size truck, merely to save on the odd delivery charge! If you were building a house, I could understand. Trucks are for folks with boats or who need a truck for work. It is often cheaper to rent a truck for a few days than actually having the burden and expense of owning one 365 days a year. I see a lot of folks driving trucks who do not need such a monster vehicle, and the same can be said for soccer moms in giant Suburbans, but hey this is America and folks are selfish.

24th Dec 2012, 04:15

Your last sentence should be Toyota is the top of recalls. Let's see what effect this has on the end of 2013 results. And again, what if we don't want a Corolla or Camry size car?

24th Dec 2012, 08:52

Selfish? No, it's being savvy. The biggest seller in America for decades has been a full size truck, not a car. I buy a lot off CL and antique stores. I tow a boat and my enclosed trailer. Why don't you rent a car and take public transportation. Or walk or ride a bicycle. Doesn't grab, you does it?

24th Dec 2012, 23:49

In our neighborhood the primary reason for buying large trucks or SUV's is safety. All our friends, neighbors and relatives buy full sized trucks or truck-based SUV's for their teen-aged children to protect them. Several independent safety studies clearly showed that you are three times more likely to be killed in a unibody car than a truck or truck-based SUV. That is why I insist my wife drive one. One mid-sized Japanese car has already totalled itself against her rear bumper with zero damage to her SUV.

It would truly be wonderful if the world's governments would outlaw any car larger that a Camry or Accord, but until they do, I want my family in a much safer larger vehicle.

25th Dec 2012, 06:00

Some on here, simply put, ride solo and buy a go to work cheap commuter.

I have always had a full size truck as one of our family vehicles. I tried a small truck and it was a waste of money. You pay insurance either way, and it strains the engine towing etc.

My homes have all been ones that needed renovated. The cheapest ones in a high priced neighborhood. My truck has always paid for itself one way or another annually. I use it for fun, and as just a wise homeowner doing most everything myself.

Renting a truck is a waste. New trucks ride and have as much room as a nice SUV. Take an active family of 4 on a trip; it's really uncomfortable in a mid size car. Out with a family with a wife and daughter on board, you need room for all their bags! People live very active lifestyles. I like to load up, jump and go as often as time permits. New domestic trucks are very quiet, smooth, and have overdrives and get better mileage today. Set the cruise, sit back and take a nice trip, not crammed up.

30th Apr 2013, 06:49

I drive a 1998 Camry 2.2 litre wagon for a decade with over 300000 km on the clock now. I cannot remember anything major I spent on it except for the usual stuff like servicing, tires, bulbs, brake pads etc. What's the secret behind that?

All these years I did the "log book" service by myself. No big deal. Anybody could. I changed oil, brake, clutch and PS fluid, flushed the radiator etc.

Dealers employ apprentices ("factory trained techs"). Can you rely on them? I could do better. They could say that they changed the coolant. How can you be sure? The main reason for a head gasket blowing is not changing coolant in time.