10th Dec 2012, 17:31

I agree that car reviewers definitely tend to have an obsession with performance. I get very tired of seeing them refer to any car that doesn't do 0-60 in 5 seconds as "underpowered", and talking about difficulty in merging into freeway traffic. I have to assume that freeway traffic where they drive travels at 100 mph or more. My 150 horsepower older mid sized car easily hits 80mph on the average freeway ramp. Americans have become obsessed with unusable amounts of horsepower that serve no purpose at all. There again, my "underpowered" mid sized sedan is governor-limited to 120mph and will easily hit that in 4th gear (it's a 5-speed automatic) without breathing hard.

10th Dec 2012, 21:24

Uh yeah, that was the whole point that the car is a joint venture between the two, but pretty much the entire car is a Subaru built on their Impreza platform with a Toyota name.

11th Dec 2012, 10:15

Wrong again. It's an entirely new chassis built from the ground up. It has 50-50 weight distribution and is the only "Subaru" with rear-wheel-drive. That tells you that Toyota had a huge hand in making this car. If you do some research online (heck, even Wikipedia), you'd be informed. Please don't post false information because you despise Toyota. Toyota is a superpower. They will continue to sell like hotcakes because people find them practical, reliable, and fuel efficient. And we can't stop them. Millions of them will continue to be sold. The Camry is the best selling car in America (not truck). You have your opinions and I have mine, so please, let's agree to disagree.

11th Dec 2012, 11:46

I find it almost a bit funny that now that another one of the Big three is now also experiencing recalls on not one, but now two models, with one of those models being recalled 2 times in one month, the comments being made about those are "Oh - well those are OK". Yeah. So when Toyota has a recall over a possibly faulty power window switch, then that's AWFUL! But when a domestic automaker has a greatly more serious issue - oh, well that's nothing...

12th Dec 2012, 09:07

Oh please, Toyota fans say the same thing, that the recalls are blown out of proportion. In the mean time, the window switch recall was issued twice and the accelerator was also twice, because at first they blamed it on the floor mat.

12th Dec 2012, 11:49

So how does that help the millions of consistent frequent recalls Toyota is having? It's again Johnny down the street had a problem, so it's always cool to have more on our end. Why tolerate it? I would pass on the exact models involved, keep what I have if it's not involved, wait another year, and then hand over money for a new one if the problem is eliminated.

12th Dec 2012, 11:51

I'm not the individual that posted the "false information" in the above comments, but even Wikipedia states that the chassis is built on the Impreza.

12th Dec 2012, 18:14

Toyota has recalled over 30,000,000 cars. Ford just recalled a whopping 87,000. That is a mere 0.0029 percent of the cars Toyota has recalled. I'd have to say Toyota is still by far the "Recall King".

13th Dec 2012, 13:20

Mentioning recalls, making negative statements against Toyota, posting stories about various friends or relatives who supposedly had bad experiences with their products, and other such posts is clearly not working: Toyota is now the world's largest automaker, their sales are up double-digits in the US, and they are listed as the most reliable automaker. Keep up the good work. We'll keep on buying em'...

14th Dec 2012, 07:58

Comment 13:20 is a clear demonstration of the power myth and ad hype have on American car buyers.

14th Dec 2012, 12:20

With your logic, everyone would be driving Ford F Series, the #1 selling vehicle for decades in the United States. That's the point, people buy what they want, not a person that they've never met on here.

Gas prices are extremely high. It would be interesting to see their preference with that factor removed. Are the vehicles truly superior? A to B destination only with high gas prices takes the joy out of driving if you ask me. People want economy, and bland works.

15th Dec 2012, 17:12

For the record, Ford and GM have both outsold Toyota in the U.S. for months on end. People are finally waking up to the myth that Japanese cars are somehow better. It probably has a lot to do with Toyota's almost weekly recalls (thirty million and counting now unless I missed another several million in today's news).

18th Dec 2012, 14:18

Cherry picking data doesn't really make up for the fact that.

A: Toyota now sells more cars in the world than any other automaker.

B: Toyota and their brands claimed the top 3 spots on the latest reliability surveys.

No "Myths" here...

19th Dec 2012, 15:41

Toyota just topped ANOTHER list. The national news reported today that Toyota had had a 17 million dollar fine levied against it for ignoring their customer's safety. That is the FOURTH such fine in as many years. No other car maker on Earth can claim that dubious distinction. As of now Toyota has recalled more vehicle than the total number of cars ever built by several U.S. car companies. Obviously Toyota buyers don't read much other than Toyota ad brochures.

20th Dec 2012, 06:51

You have to cherry pick, because the sale quarters alternate between Ford and Toyota. It's not Toyota every single month as the top seller. In fact the consistent top seller year after year has been the Ford F Series pick ups.

Also, not everyone drives a Corolla or Camry equivalent. People drive SUVs, minivans and full size cars in different classes. So your one size fits all may apply to you, but not the entire population.

20th Dec 2012, 16:07

More in the national news today about Toyota. The awful Camry and Prius flunked the government's new narrow offset crash test. Gee, why am I not surprised? Concern for customer safety is hardly a strong point for Toyota. Maybe someday American car buyers will wake up.

20th Dec 2012, 17:17

Those who seem to spend countless hours trying to make Toyota look bad, by posting repetitive statements and claims, are clearly not succeeding in convincing others. As seen in report after report, Toyota's sales have not only recovered fully from last year's Tsunami, but they are continuing to increase by double-digits month after month. They have once more taken the spot as the world's largest automaker. They continue to sell the most popular cars in the US. They continue to make more and more cars in the US. And they continue to hire more US workers. We now actually export a LOT of Toyotas built here in the US.

So keep it up. It's not going to change anything. Toyota continues to be right on top.

21st Dec 2012, 06:49

Your comments are not swaying other commenters that disagree with you. And surely you see that it's Ford one quarter and Toyota the next. A lot of people have had major service issues on drivetrains. They are not so infatuated or enamored to the degree you are. If you love your car, great. I know people with VW Bugs they bought new and they love them to death. But I drive others. It's very hard to sway people that are spending their cash with someone on here they do not know. Or have never met! I was a fanatic too until my wallet was drained. If you have more than your share of drivetrain repairs, you may be in my court as well. I have been buying new cars maybe longer than you have. I saw a spiraling downward trend on incidents.