Toyota Cavalier reviews from Australia and New Zealand


Cavalier 2.0

Very good, and totally satisfied

13 words

Cavalier tz 2.4

Looks good, performs well,great value!!

105 words, 2 comments


Cavalier S 2.4 petrol EFI

Should not be overlooked

126 words

Cavalier 2.4G 2.4 litre

A very good car

114 words


Cavalier Z 2.4

This car is making me wish I didn't need a car EVER

86 words


Cavalier 2.4L

Not A Bad Car

225 words, 2 comments

Cavalier NZ 2.4 G

I wouldn't bother buying unless you buy mine!

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Great car!!

Cavalier 2.4Z

It's a very nice car, but it costs a lot for repairs

63 words

Cavalier 2.4Z

Great deal for the money!

Cavalier 2.4 petrol

Realistically priced performance vehicle with comfortable riding

95 words, 23 comments