Corolla CSX 1.5 Litre

Near perfect car!

75 words

Corolla Twincam 1.6 (4AGE)

No frills options, but heaps of thrills motor

200 words

Corolla GLX 4AEG CARBY 1.6

Cheap to own and run, highly recommended, even when old

234 words

Corolla FX GT 1.6

I would definitely get another one

140 words, 1 comment

Corolla Seca

Very reliable car, bullet proof

122 words

Corolla CSX 1.6 carb

So far it cannot be destroyed. I have tried!!

157 words

Corolla cs sedan 1.6 ei fwd

Great city car

130 words

Corolla XL 1.3L

OK, but with a few problems

432 words

Corolla Seca 1.6L EFI 16v

A great little car with a great little motor

323 words

Corolla FX-GT 1.6 4age

Other than all the problems, it's been a great car to drive.

217 words

Corolla CS Seca 1.6 petrol

The best, most reliable little car ever, I highly recommend as a first car!

74 words, 1 comment

Corolla hatch 1.3

The coolest car I will ever own

60 words

Corolla fx_gt 1.6 twin cam

A rev happy little bus

45 words

Corolla CS-X 4A-C 1.6L 4 cylinder

A great first car!

68 words

Corolla SR 1.5

Absolute junk

41 words, 1 comment

Corolla GL 1.6 petrol

It is cheap to run

54 words

Corolla Seca CS-X 1.6 Carburetter

An ultra reliable vehicle

194 words

Corolla DX 1.3

Could motoring be any cheaper?

246 words, 1 comment

Corolla AE82 4A-GE 1.6 Twin Cam

A low budget performance car!

126 words

Corolla CS Hatch (AE80) 1.3 petrol

Ever killed one of these? I almost have.

478 words, 2 comments

Corolla GL 1.3 petrol

Economical, perfect student car

47 words

Corolla 1.6 fuel injected

Still goes like a rocket even with close to 300 000 k's

190 words

Corolla XL 1.3

Economical motoring beyond belief

119 words, 2 comments