Corona Amon 2.0 petrol

A good first car, which won't fail even under the harshest treatment

173 words

Corona CS 2.0L

Bloody good value for money. Reliable transport. It grows on you

85 words

Corona CSi 2.4 EFI

Love the 22R-E POWER!

125 words

Corona st141 2.0 SOHC

Ever so reliable!!

80 words

Corona CSi Wagon 2.4 i

Common sense non ego transport

252 words

Corona S 2.0 Manual

A great practical Car

80 words

Corona CS 2.0

A slow, reliable car

94 words, 1 comment

Corona Avante 2.4 Litre EFI

Excellent value

120 words

Corona 1.8

Reliable and affordable

46 words

Corona CSi 2.4 EFi

Very much underrated..

62 words, 4 comments

Corona Amon 1.8

Eternal reliability - good to let kids destroy before getting something good

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