1993 Toyota Levin GT Apex 1.6L petrol


Absolutely amazing to drive and really cool first car.


Air conditioning needed re-gassing at 125000Km.

Both front seat-belts stopped retracting, cheap fix.

General Comments:

The car is very quick.

Very Very good on the fuel 8.5L per 100 in town and 6L per 100 on the highway.

Awesome on the corners due to low height.

Cabin can be a little small for some taller people especially the rear seats.

Doors still closes with a nice clonk even though the car is 13 years old.

I love Toyota and think that I am now hooked for life.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2006

6th Feb 2006, 06:25

Hi there, I own a 94' model 20v. I do agree with your comments. However, I wish that the car was rear wheel drive!!. I live in the UK and was wondering if there were any places that stocked parts for this model?

18th Jun 2006, 16:13

Unfortunately, since this particular car was never meant to be exported overseas; it has a very limited source of tuning and aftermarket parts.

These two offer pretty much all of one's requirements to get one up to a fairly respectable HP.

Of course one will have to pay a premium on shipping, although parts are quite cheap with regards to the EDM pricing.


26th Feb 2007, 18:35

Greatest car in the world!!!

1996 Toyota Levin BZG 1.6 petrol




Both front wheels bearing need to be fixed after 100,000 km. Cost about $420 each.

The sunroof is very difficult to open or close.

General Comments:

Very good and reliable car. Except the normal wear and tear, nothing goes wrong.

Can speed up (from 0 km/h) faster than my BMW 318ti (1996). However, it is not as comfortable and not as stable as the BMW when driving.

Never have problem with the factory stereo. Easy to operate. Just a very practical (2 seaters) car overall.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2005

1992 Toyota Levin GT APEX 1.6 DOHC 20 Valve


Great fun to drive


Generally standard maintenance issues, such as, CV boots split, disc rotors needed replacement, A/C needed to be recharged, A/C lighting bulbs blew. Otherwise very reliable.

General Comments:

This car is the top of the range super strut suspension model, which unfortunately are very rare, but well worth the extra money if you can find one.

The specifications over and above your standard GT APEX model are, super strut suspension, which provides for excellent handling however a firm ride around town. Larger front disc brakes with 4-ABS, the braking of this car is excellent. Momo steering wheel and gear lever.

The car is very easy to drive and provides good performance when required. Being 20 valve it is a little sluggish at low rpm, but performs well between 3000rpm and 7000rpm, above this the performance fades.

Acceleration is good. 0-100km - 9.5seconds. Speed is limited to 190km/h, which is reached with ease. Fuel consumption is reasonable. 15KM/L on a trip, 10-12KM/L around town, or if you've got a heavy right foot.

The interior is good, very comfortable front seats and nice colours. The back seat is fairly cramped, but what do you expect in a coupe. However boot space is good.

Overall, this is a very nice car, they are fun to drive, reliable and economical. If you want true performance from a normally aspirated 4 cylinder car though, the only choice is a DOHC VTEC Honda. You can red line them in every gear and they love it.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2004

1996 Toyota Levin BZ-G 1.6


Great price, high performance entry level car



General Comments:

This car is a very smooth, easily driven car.

Everyday driving uses very, very little fuel if you keep it below 3,500rpm, but as soon as you pass 5500rpm the variable valve timing breaks out and goes extremely hard all the way to the 8000rpm red-line.

The handling is probably the most amazing thing about this car thanks to the strut suspension. Throw it into a corner and it has only a slight bit of under-steer before it locks in and corners like its on rails. It is a very lightweight car weighing in at only 1030kg's, making it an extremely agile and fast for a 1.6, while drinking very little fuel.

The interior is quite flash, but doesn't offer anything that other models of the same year don't.

Aesthetically it has very good lines, which can can be helped even more by adding easily accessible aftermarket parts. The car is very cheap for what you get and is probably one of the fastest, easy to insure vehicle for first time owners under 25.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2003

7th Jun 2010, 19:17

Except here in New Zealand State Insurance would not insure (third party only) my daughter's 1996 automatic Toyota Levin...

1996 Toyota Levin BZ-G 1.6L 20 valve petrol


Cheap, fast superb handling, You can't beat it for the price



General Comments:

The Toyota 20v engine seems to operate similar to Honda's V-tec, for those that are familiar with those.

Drives like any other quick, small car up to about 5-6000rpm. From there up the whole engine sound changes and you get some real performance.

Extremly good handling for the money.

This car is faster than the 1600cc vtec Honda, but not as quick as the SIR Integra (1800cc V-tec)

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Review Date: 9th November, 2003

2nd Aug 2004, 11:53

Faster Than a DOHC V-Tec Civic?? Sir Civic?? Doubt it..

30th Nov 2004, 18:24

Actually the BZ-G/BZ-R are faster than the Civic SiR in a straight line because of the gear ratios being so short it gives for better acceleration from a standstill. However on a track it could be anyone's race as a result of driver skill, but whatever the outcome it'll be very close.