Soarer GTT 2.5 twin turbo

The perfect car - for two people

84 words

Soarer UZZ31 4 litre V8

Ahead of its time

218 words, 1 comment

Soarer 1JZ GTE 2.5L petrol Twin turbo

A LOT of car for the money

548 words, 4 comments

Soarer Limited 4.0 V8 32v Quad Cam

This fine car inspires pride of ownership

881 words, 1 comment

Soarer 1JZ-GTE Twin turbo

Where luxury meets performance - best value for money

363 words

Soarer UZZ30 4.0 GT 4.0L V8

Quite simply, the best money you'll ever spend on a car

109 words

Soarer UZZ30 4.0 Quad Cam V8

Best car I've ever owned

291 words, 4 comments

Soarer GT Limited 2.5 Twin turbo

Fast, well appointed, and ahead of its time

104 words

Soarer GT-TL 2.5 Straight 6, Twin turbo

Stylish, fast and comfortable GT from Japan

325 words, 1 comment

Soarer Limited 4.0 V8

Best bang for your dollar around

127 words, 3 comments