1991 Toyota Soarer UZZ30 4.0 GT 4.0L V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Quite simply, the best money you'll ever spend on a car


Repaired the "Blinky-Dash",a common fault with 30 series Soarers:$27.50.

Fuel Pump ECU replaced:$390.

General Comments:

Very, very impressed.

I've owned a lot of cars over the years, and this is one that's a definite "Keeper".

Smooth, quiet & powerful.

Very economical considering the weight (1590kg) and power available.

I like it so much I'm seriously considering adding a Twin Turbo JZZ30 as well.

I still get that "New car" feeling every time I drive it, and that's NEVER happened with ANY previous vehicle I've owned.

I definitely think these cars are under appreciated, and if more people test drove one, they would become instant converts to the excellence that is Soarer.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2005

1991 Toyota Soarer UZZ30 4.0 Quad Cam V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Best car I've ever owned


New passengers seat belt required at 175,000km - $200 NZ to replace.

CD player was non-functional when I purchased the car - managed to fix this at no cost by dismantling and cleaning.

Blown water pump gasket at 200,000km - difficult to get at and required removal of cam belt assembly - $1500 all up including new water pump (common fault).

New alternator required at 200,000km - old one had been damaged by power steering fluid leak in past (power steering unit appears to have been replaced by prior owner) - again common fault - was covered by warranty, but I get the impression was VERY expensive.

Replaced all high tension leads at 200,000km which improved performance dramatically.

Starter motor solenoid failing to engague at times, but sometimes goes for months with no problems and the car has been like this for nearly 3 years now, so I'll leave it (starter motor is very tricky to get at)

General Comments:

Best car I've ever owned.

Considering the mileage its very impressive how mechanically sound this car still is - cylinder compression is still like new!

Heaps of power and so comfortable.

Handling (and looks) have been improved a lot by addition of some 17" alloys and 235/45/ZR17 tires - actually improved the ride as well. Might not be the most agile car, but considering its size and weight it's not bad! Also it provides plenty of warning before it lets go, and makes up for it on the straights!

Bought it at auction for $10,000NZD - nothing in that price range can match it, plus judging the current market, I'd still get most of that back for it.

The only problem is I can't think of what car I'd want to buy next!

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2005

4th Apr 2005, 22:21

Alas, this car is no more. I was driving quietly to work when I was side-swiped by a Mitsubishi running a stop sign in rush hour traffic (genius!).

He hit my poor Soarer in the rear quarter, instantly destroying his Mitsubishi, the front crumpled beyond repair. My Soarer would have been fine other than needing a new rear wing, door, wheel and assorted suspension components - except I was spun into the oncoming traffic - headfirst into a Holden Barina (also totally destroyed) - Still the Soarer didn't look too bad and unlike both other cars, I managed to drive it off the main road. Alas the insurance company has judged it too expensive to repair. I think in many other cars I might have been injured, but the Soarer is so strong!

I'll be buying another one.

27th Sep 2005, 17:35

Hey, that sounded scary... Glad you're OK.

Good to hear that they keep integrity when the going gets wild. I'll be buying one in the next few weeks!

6th Apr 2008, 03:20

Just bought a 1991 Soarer V8. Does anyone know where to get a Haynes type manual for it?

29th May 2013, 00:24

There isn't one. You can buy a CD, which has translated information from the Japanese manual. Closest you'll get to a manual.

The best place for Soarer parts is here: http://soarerrestorer.wix.com/soarerrestorers#