Starlet Life 1.3

Cheap to run, and a good runabout for those short trips

145 words


Starlet Life 1.3

If you are practical, and need a reliable car. You can't beat this one

111 words

Starlet life 1.3L

Very reliable and economical city car

73 words

Starlet Life 1.3 Twin-Cam EFI

An inexpensive, yet highly entertaining small car

109 words


Starlet City 1.3 twin cam petrol

Built like a tank and goes like a rocket!

299 words

Starlet Reflect F 4E FE

A great, reliable around town-er

142 words, 1 comment

Starlet Life 1.3L 4EFE turbo petrol


193 words

Starlet Life 1.3 petrol

A practical pocket rocket

80 words, 4 comments


Starlet EP91 - Life 1.3 4EFE

Buy one that's been looked after, and it will look after you!

158 words, 1 comment

Starlet Life 1.3 petrol

Toyota keeps going and going and going on

90 words


Starlet GT EP82 4EFTE

Very reliable and very quick for what it is

263 words


Starlet GT 1.3L turbo

Best small front wheel drive car ever

78 words

Starlet XL 1.3 litre, 12 valve

Look after it, and it looks after you

268 words


Starlet GT 1.3 turbo petrol

Cheap practical fun!

41 words


Starlet DX 1.3L

Economical, reliable, lasts a lifetime

176 words, 1 comment