1997 Volvo 460 TD 1.9 turbo diesel


A no nonsense performer that's built to last


Nothing special to be mentioned other than the usual suspects (tires, brake shoes etc.).

General Comments:

It can keep up very well with most of the newer TD (c) i engines. I regularly frustrate Golf TDI and even smaller BMW 3 series owners with my unsuspected accelerations.

In spite of this performance, it's a very economical car to drive. My estimate is it uses just under 6 liters of diesel per 100 km.

I had two collisions, one with a Fiat Stilo - my mistake. I needed a new bumper, the Fiat had to be towed. Later with an Alfa Romeo 155 (his mistake). I think his car had more damage than mine. Anyway - my point: not only could the looks be mistaken for a tank, it's built like one too!

The styling's a bit primitive and there's no electronic comfort devices, but those usually break down the first anyway.

I will keep this car as long as it will run, which could so it seems be next to forever.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2004

1992 Volvo 460 GL 1.8


Horribly unreliable car, mildly fun to drive


The head gasket blew at 200000 km, the engine had to be revised entirely.

The hand brake gave up at 210000 km.

The fuel pump broke down at 220000 km.

The mono-point fuel injection system had to be replaced at 242000 km.

The clutch broke down at 260000 km. In order to replace it, the engine, sub-frame, front suspension, gearbox, starter motor, power steering assembly and lots of other bits and pieces had to be removed.

The rear suspension is worn out (springs) and in need of replacement.

In general, the car is very hard to work on which leads to high repair costs unless you do all the work yourself.

General Comments:

It has a nice engine, with quite some torque at lower revs (2000-3000 rpm). Driving the engine above 3000 rpm isn't really worth the hassle.

It runs on LPG and consumes about 10-11 l/100km.

Seats are very comfortable and can be adjusted in all imaginable positions. Getting in and out of them on the other hand is an adventure.

Ventilation is poor and noisy.

The position of various switches, knobs and handles is very poor. I like all the little compartments to stow my stuff in.

In the back, there is little leg room, and the luggage compartment is very impractical.

The quality of the paint is bad and has gone completely dull after 10 years. There is no sign of rust.

In general, built quality is certainly not what you'd expect from a Volvo (especially the squeaking and shaking dash).

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Review Date: 27th August, 2002

28th Aug 2002, 17:27

There is something wrong with your expectations especially when buying a car with a high kilometre history.

Head gasket blowing is a sign of overheating/poor maintanence at that mileage

Fuel pumps break and at 210K km that's not terribly surprising.

Hand brake cables need to be replaced after awhile

Ten to one the injectors were only *dirty* so many people replace them when they only need cleaning.

Having a clutch go at 260K km is only to be expected, hell I'm surprised it didn't need replacing sooner.

Moving all those components to replace a clutch is fairly common, even more so with FWD cars.

At such a high mileage of course your springs are going to be sagging a bit, more likely your shocks are worn out.

The paint has faded in 10 years because you need to wash, polish and wax paints to keep them looking nice after 10 years, they don't just look after themselves.

All cars with 200K km plus will have squeaks and rattles... all cars.

It makes me wonder if you test drove the car before you bought it and have very "unreasonable" expectations of vehicles.

7th Jan 2003, 14:55

It most definitely sounds like the expectations are too high. I would have said that the faults with the car are fine considering the mileage - it has probably done almost 300,000kms by now!

The car sounds more like it is doing the owner proud, rather than the other way. Even though he never polishes it!

The clutch life sounds great.

My 440 has only just needed a clutch at a 155,000 miles and my 480 is still on the original at 123,000 miles - Volvo obviously expect these cars to do some mileages!

18th Mar 2006, 06:45

I had a 460 GLE. I have, as of yet, never had a car to beat its reliability. From new, we sold it at 175,000 miles ten years later. Apart from general wear and tear like brake pads and wipers that are to be expected (even then, it took a long, long time before they needed to be replaced), the shock absorbers suddenly went one afternoon, and we changed the catalytic converter twice. that's about it. it didn't even have a speck of rust, which from england, and living by the sea, is very good.