1994 Volvo 460 GLE 1.9 TD


Economical, practical car with powerful engine


The dealer installed a fairly new gear box, engine (70 000km) and suspension. However, the dealer technician forgot to put oil onto the gear box. I drove 600km this way, untill the unhealthy noises made me worry and get the car checked up. Oil was put on, and it sounds OK now, but I guess the gear box is not as new anymore. Upon a second check up, it will be replaced if necessary.

Engine runs out of fuel right before the red zone on the indicator. Keep this in mind! I had to push my car for 30m only, but I was lucky.

General Comments:

Positive :

Powerfull engine. Pulls well and uphill you will notice this car doesn't lack torque. The Turbo awakens a bit late, but when it does you can feel it. Because of the car's low weight it will be tough competition for quite some TD (C) I's of today.

The economy is excellent! It took me 54.5L to move this car for 1000km along city roads and highways.

The electric open roof is silent, even on highways. Obviously good designed.

Spacious, good lit trunk. Enough leg room for passengers. I like the mid-console. Plenty of space to store CD's, easy controls, and good positioning of the car stereo.

Negative :

Noisy engine when cold and at higher revs (around 3000). For instance on the highway.

Sometimes difficult to get into the first gear. Inertness in first gear. You have to work that clutch.

Handling and suspension is adequate.

The seats are a bit too soft, besides the lower back support. It could have to do with the age, though. Also the interior rattles now and then.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2002

10th Mar 2004, 17:28

My second VOLVO 460,This being a k-reg 460CD turbo, a great car, but a lot of turbo lag! I have a dump valve for the car, but I'm unable to find a fitting kit? Any ideas please!

Also when the car is warm it tends to over rev at near 2000rpm, is this common?

9th Feb 2007, 15:28

I don`t understand why you are so happy with a car that had to be the engine rebuilt at 70000 km, or I understood wrong?

1992 Volvo 460 GL 1.8


A cheap, but very reliable car


I got the car from my parents who bought it new.

The cooling system leaks and I have had to get the radiator replaced as it cracked at around 175000 km. There now is a larger radiator installed, but nevertheless the engine still tends to overheat during summer.

Ever since I got it, there has been a certain friction on the steering wheel. This is especially hinder full on the motorway. I don't exactly remember when this first occurred.

The leather interior is now starting to wear out a bit.

The brakes feel rather spongy, but work well. Except when driving on the motorway when it rains.

The interval of the window-wipers no longer works. But the two other speeds go well.

General Comments:

It has proved to be a very reliable car that also gives a rather save feeling to drive.

Even though it doesn't seem to be a very fast car at first, it can be surprisingly vivid with the throttle pushed down.

It is a bit thirsty perhaps.

I like the leather interior, but the suspension is pretty though and too soft at the back. Resulting in driving with the springs completely down when you take a few friends and some luggage.

The original Volvo radio is very nice.

The gearbox-changes are pretty difficult when it's cold. It gets better when warmed up, but the first always is rather hard to get into (worn synchros?) and the fifth isn't always easy to find.

I am currently thinking about buying a 480 turbo.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2002