1999 Hyundai Galloper Deluxe 7 passengers 2.5 turbo diesel Intercooler


It is a very good car and is is cheaper than other similar cars


There is only one bad thing, the power windows switch. I have changed twice, this means that one of the wrongs parts of this cars is the electronic system. Besides this my car is excellent.

General Comments:

I am from Costa Rica. It is an excellent car, for the off-road ways in Costa Rica, in mountain, rivers and natural forest. The car is very strong. The power of this 4x4 is good for every place you need it. It is a big car with 7 passenger in and still have power to go up and down the hills and mountains of Costa Rica.

Galloper had an strong structure for off-road.

It is very comfortable even in bad roads, the suspension of the Galloper is good so you can be driving in a bad road and you will be very comfortable inside it.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2002

10th Dec 2004, 11:40

The comments are interesting but there are too many words without saying important things like the extensive use of plasticin in the Galloper when compared to other of its class; so, it will suffer in the 4x4 roads.

16th Feb 2005, 09:28

I am also from Costa Rica. I bought a almost new Galloper II (27K) from the Mitsubishi in Costa Rica. The car is good for its money: good space for the family and all the gear we need to carry around. We had the one with seven seats so you could even load it with a couple of friends. The engine is pretty good (we had a Turbo Diesel Intercooler), since we could make about 800-900 KM with a full tank of diesel. But you cannot drive it very fast: max 110 KM/h (low power engine output). Beside that we had a minor issue with the back door (which opened when it wanted).

Our real problems started when we took the car to the place we bought it for the 30000 KM check up: (I will make the story short)...we got the car back (after the normal two day service) and the car either did not start, became an oil leak (which they could never fix), the car had first white gas smoke, then black gas smoke coming out of the back of the car, etc. etc. etc.

Final comment: the car is good, slow, very affordable, but the shop does not know how to treat it (although they have a good customer service and stock of parts).