1995 Daewoo Nexia GLE 1.5 petrol


Slow, thirsty, weak, but air conditioned car


Had to change exhaust system two times, now running on my third exhaust which is near it's end.

The digital clock never worked.

The factory radio-cassette player died a few times in five years, now replaced with a Sony radio-casette player.

A $400 repair because of rough idle running.

Back bearings got worn out two times ($20 for repairs).

Electrical problems with right back positional lights, the light bulb was changed a few times, but still doesn't work.

Rust on every door and on the side.

The tank opener gets stuck, always have to use the emergency pull tab and open it with a key or a coin.

Sometimes the air condition doesn't work (maybe needs refilling).

General Comments:

Consumes up to 16L/100km.

Has terrible accelerations, even at 5400rpm, you still have a feeling that the car isn't going.

Loud at RPMs higher than 2000.

Back seats give you backache if you drive more than an hour in the back.

Front seats are also bad, you get tired very soon.

Plastic is low quality, squeaks all over the car.

The built in speakers (four of them) are OK, if they were just a bit stronger.

Doesn't like fast driving or playing with gears, 4 of 5 times when you aggressively switch from 2nd to 3rd gear it gets stuck and you have to easily switch it to third.

All in all, I'm OK with the car because it has air conditioning, but the fuel consumption drives me mad. You can't do more than 350km with a 50L tank.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2004

7th Oct 2004, 06:22

I don't know how you can have such high fuel consumption - my Nexia has the same engine and air condition and I have 7.9 - 8L/100km.

7th Jun 2005, 13:58

Me again! Now I have 104000km and the alternator broke down on me. Really funny sounds came out of the car before I shut it down. Around 3500rpm it made a turbine like noise, not for long though = (

Anyway, I fixed it for less than 100 Eur! Just made more effort than going to the official dealer (that would have cost me more than 200 Eur!).

Nothing of that Mercedes, someone else is driving it =(

But looking into a Fabia VRS, tired of poor fuel consumption and the lazy engine.