5th Oct 2005, 15:02


- fuel pump failed on me, 80 Eur to fix it

- alternator broke down again, fortunately had the old one so I combined the two and got a working one, 15 Eur fix

- the engine started to drink oil, about 0.1l/1000km.

Now it has 112.000km and is sitting in an unused garage. Will consider of selling it.

Bought myself a Fabia RS, great car!

7th Jan 2006, 15:32

Nor me brother! So sorry to hear your bad experience above, but I love my Nexia!!

Have had car for 3 years now, and all I have had to change is 6 tyres, exhaust, battery, front brake pads and clutch. 50,000 miles driven since owning the car (80,000 km to you) and regular servicing costs. Nothing has gone wrong with it (the mentioned is really expected 'wear and tear' for a car that has done 84,000 miles/134,500km - 8yo). Otherwise ACE reliability!

Fuel consumption about 270-280 miles on a tank average on regular commute, but have stretched it to 320 miles on long continuous high speed journeys (@110 km/h) - (440km average/500km maximum on the same 50 l tank).

Have to agree with you on ride quality/comfort issue - I think it is appalling. If only they had fitted firmer springs and not crappy Vauxhall/GM ones - it would give better ride and handling. Only other gripes I have is that the air-con isn't working and it doesn't have a very good image here in the UK (known as a poor man's wagon/cheap car by badge snobs). Maybe a slight reliability issue with air-con, but I wouldn't know - it didn't work when I bought the car and I have never bothered repairing it (because I'm cheapskate and this Nexia fits in perfectly with my personality - LOL!)

7th Jan 2006, 19:45

Minor correction on the previous comment made (07/01/06)...

Fuel consumption: I get 270-280 miles (or 320 miles maximum) when the needle hits the empty line of my gauge. However, as per the car manual (and when I fill up) I tend to have about 12+- litres of fuel still left in the tank (since I never let my tank go completely empty). So realistically, I am averaging 275 (or 320) miles/40 litres (440/500 km on 40 l).

26th Jan 2006, 14:00

Hi! Again here to update the status of THE Nexia, which was sold a few days ago for 1300 euros... Thank God we got rid of it.

I guess the engine is dead.

I changed oil the other day (after 12000km of really hard driving) and I got only about 2 litres of used oil, when there should be 3.75. Must point out that one litre was put through the summer. Easy calculations point out it has consumes about 0.22l/1000km, not so bad I guess.

But, that incident when the clutch broke and the engine overheated obviously broke some cooling channels in the engine itself, which caused the coolant to evaporate or something, and this winter we had no heating! Filling up the anti-freeze coolant fixed the thing.

When people were here to inspect the car before buying it, there were quite a few negative comments (besides it being smashed and scratched all around in 10 years of mostly city driving (but never crashed!)).

The "homokinetic joint", if I said it correctly, is dead, and so is the front wheel bearing (the rear one I changed again myself).

The engine spits out oil through the oil check tube, not good.

When I remember the good old days of learning how to drive a car on a Nexia... *tears*... Blah! The hell with it, the car is a piece of junk!

Anyway, in comparison to the new Fabia vRS (which review you can read here: http://www.carsurvey.org/review_81604.html) I can only say it's a hell of a lot bigger!

You don't touch the co-drivers arms, you can see EVERYTHING from inside the car (where the Skoda doesn't have those small windows in the back), and there is no worry about the boot space, you have a feeling you can keep filling it forever =) And that's about it.

Hope your Nexias don't die on you like ours did on us many times...