2008 Hyundai Getz 1.4 petrol


Reliable but uncomfortable


Air-conditioning (I suspect), there are funny noises, and the anti-fog function does not operate as before.

General Comments:

The first word that comes to my mind is “uncomfortable”.

I’ll try to explain:

1) The suspension of the car is tuned to exaggerate small bumps and fissures on the road, which translates very uncomfortably to the passengers. And a funny thing is that bigger bumps are more or less OK given the small car the Getz is. The chassis leans too much when cornering, which I can accept, because after all the car is tall and narrow. The cure for that could be to stiffen the suspension, which will make comfort even worse. I tried everything except the coilovers. Sporty suspension helps with cornering, and if it is quality one, does not take too much of the already very bad comfort for the passengers.

2) Noise in the cabin. There are two things to mention. One is bad noise insulation. I can imagine that car has barely any noise dampening installed. This occurred to me while waiting at a stoplight. I had the feeling I left the door opened because I could hear very well the noise and rumbling of other cars' engines around me. Very disappointing. The other issue is various noises in the cabin induced by vibrating plastic parts. I tried to fix the ones that I can reach without taking the trims apart. But the ones under the dashboard and behind the door trims remained. I could not fix the back door to be silent. Tried with adjusting the rubber parts, adjusting the lock of the door, and insulation tape on suspected parts – nothing helped. All very frustrating, it leaves you with the feeling that car will fall apart.

3) Adjusting the temperature in the cabin – lack of insulation affects the heat in the cabin during the summer. The air-conditioning just does not have the power enough to make things cosy for the passengers. It is always too hot. And after about two years of owning the car, I could not get rid of the foggy windows. At first the air—con solved the problem easily, but after that… nothing. It is very dangerous to drive, especially in the winter, because there is no way to clear the windows.

This is unacceptable by today’s standards and leaves you with the impression that someone has been very cheap in the production chain.

On the good side, the Getz did not suffer from any significant mechanical failure so far and is safe to drive (with improved suspension, and if the fog issue can somehow be solved). The engine is thirsty but reliable. I should mention that the car is regularly serviced in an authorised dealer repair shop to manufacturer's standards, and is maintained in best order I can provide. I have had the Getz for eight years now and from day one.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2017

2007 Hyundai Getz Edition 1.4L


Very good car for the money


Nothing in the first year and 45.000 km.

General Comments:

Good handling, swift and reliable small car.

Have enough inner space for its size, but a little bit short on space in the front seats for taller persons.

1.4 engine is OK for size of this car, but for a dynamic ride you have to push over 3.000rpm.

My car has an LPG conversion because I do about 50.000 km per year.

For town driving it is excellent, and for highway, and longer trips it is enough comfortable, but the engine is little bit too noisy (At 140km/h it revs 4.000), and this affects fuel consumption.

On average, it takes 8.5 liters of LPG per 100km, and on the highway 9-10 liters/ 100km.

Overall I could recommend this car, and I plan to keep mine for 5 years, and put some serious mileage on it.

It seems Hyundai is making good and very reliable cars. If they improve fuel consumption for their gasoline engines, they will become serious runners for the top market position.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2008

29th Jan 2009, 08:59

I agree with everything said. Just want to add that I am a bit disappointed with the stiff suspension. It lacks refinement especially on rougher surfaces. Also the engine sounds like a washing machine. The quality of materials is way lower than the competition, but taken that this is a car designed in 2002, it is OK by the standards of the class (i.e. inner plastics in Opel Corsas made that year are the same quality, if not even lower). The new Hyundai i20 interior plastics feel much cheaper than today’s rivals too.

The equipment is also below the class (i.e. Suzuki Swift is much better equipped and feels sturdier and better protected from bellow). And the price is the same. The gear shift is precise form 1 to 5, but I can hardly put it in reverse. Even car manual says that if so, than try it again with the clutch pressed harder.

There is constant rattle from the rear compartment (door?), not only on my car but also on the test car I drove. I thought it was the problem with the test car, but obviously it is common to all Getz models. I hope my Getz proves reliable as quoted on various magazines and user tests, because in means of equipment and refinement it scores lower than most cars in its class.

The good thing is Getz rolls smoothly on quality roads. It has enough space and power (1.4 liter petrol engine). Engine is simple to service. It has mostly all equipment the car should have (air-condition, ABS, remote central locking, front electrical windows…).

But there are cars at the same price and better equipped (and maybe with worse reliability reputation).