25th Feb 2009, 08:15

Here is the update after few months of driving a Getz 1.4 petrol.

The suspension is very firm and surely cannot keep with European rivals. With three adult passengers, the car tends to be very wavy and soft in the curves. The driver has the feeling that the car will just fly off the road - issue of road holding. It is too firm with two, and too soft with plus three passengers. Hyundai definitely has to do better suspension.

And there is the thing with the overall construction of the car body. It feels sturdy enough on smooth roads. But when driving on bad roads full of pot-holes, every bit of the car produce a funny noise and rattles. It feels like driving the Coca-Cola can. Again, in this area Opel Corsas and VW Polos are much better.

The engine is noisy above 3000 rpm, but pulls good (but not exceptionally good). The consumption varies between 6,8 l on public roads and 10 l on the highway and in town. So for the time being, it feels like very gentle car with cheap noise insulation.

13th May 2009, 05:12

My Getz is 1.4, 2006. I have to confirm that suspension is one of the worse ever - it is like riding in a hearse with wooden wheels. Engine noise above 3000 rpm is just... wrong. But that is not a big problem because I never go above. Why? In town, if I change gears above 3000 rpm, let's say 4-4500 rpm, consumption goes sky high - I even once had 12.5 l per 100 Km! It gets better on open road, though. Air-condition stinks even after cleaning. Engine rattles when it's cold. Otherwise, it does not break down... yet. Strangely, it feels like a better car when it is out of town.

9th Aug 2009, 15:01

Hi to all,

Just an update from original post maker. Now my car has 90.000km and it works like first day. I have had no single mechanical problem with car until now, just regular maintenance and changed two sets of tires.

Thumbs up for the Getz!

28th Aug 2009, 04:12

And update on my 1.4 Getz 2009. It has almost 12000 km. Until now I can confirm reliability of the little car. Since then I had conversion (addition) of LPG, and it took me several visits to authorised dealer over 6 months to adjust the LPG intake. It seams that this is solved now, and it runs OK. Consumption is an issue, as mentioned above 3000 RPM. What annoys me is that second gear is too long, and third and fourth are short. That is bad on steep hills when the car has to be pushed hard, and yet it cannot be put into third gear. Anyway I have the feeling that Hyundai has pumped the info about the power of the engine (97 HP). I would say that it is more like 75 HP avarage (as Citroen CX 1.4 etc).

For the time being, I have no other complaints.

31st May 2010, 09:10

I have purchased a used car, the manufacturing year is Nov-2007, with an approved LPG kit fitted. I want to know if the car is used with LPG, will there be any regular maintenance problems or will engine efficiency go down? Please advise.


15th Jun 2010, 06:03

Just a quick response to the above mentioned question on the LPG car: there should be no bad influence on the engine reliability. Especially if the authorised personnel installed the LPG system. The engine should run more smoothly and should last longer.

A common problem connected to the LPG conversions are the pistons. LPG while burning produces more temperature than gasoline, and pistons that are made of "softer" material usually need "Flash lube" lubrication. Getz has pistons of a solid Korean steel and this is not a problem. The only thing about a properly installed and adjusted LPG system is regular cleaning of a small filter due to the dirty fuel (the quality of LPG varies among various states). It is usually not a problem and is quite cheap. On the other hand, LPG is environmentally friendly, while the only thing that goes out of the exhaust pipe is vapour. Wish you many happy miles...

7th Apr 2011, 03:56

Hello again from original post maker.

After 4 years ownership of the new Getz 1.4 and now 149.000km under wheels, I have only one minor fault (one ignition cable started to fail at 140.000km). Not so good quality of interior plastic material and soft body panels can't spoil the overall good impression.

What is interesting is that I have noted a small reduction in fuel consumption after 120.000km. One mechanic told me this is because engine has just broken in. Anyway, the engine has power and starts like the first day.


12th Aug 2013, 09:11

Another update on the Hyundai Getz 1.4. Yes, the suspension is firm enough. The 1.4 97 engine is pretty strong, it accelerates fast and it has the power to get you out of trouble quick if you ever need it.

The space of the boot and the interior are more than enough for a car of this size. The only thing that I do not like is the quality of the cabin, as there are hard and cheap plastics all over.

The other thing I have to complain about is the fuel economy, which is really bad for a 1.4 litre car. In town, with traffic and pretty much normal city conditions, I get about 10L/100km with 2000-3000 RPM. On open roads with speeds under 80 km/hour, the fuel economy is good.

I just wanted to point out that my Getz has 104,000 kilometers on it, and it was not taken care of good, because my sister was driving it. We had 2 stuck electric windows, which we fixed on our own, and both now work great.

The car works just like the day in 2006 when it was bought.

30th Oct 2013, 15:25

Hello from the original poster!

My Getz is now over 6 years old, and has 250.000 km on clock.

From the last post two years ago, beside regular maintenance, one set of ignition cables was changed, and a front suspension bushing (cost an extra 150 USD). Some textile covers from the inside of the front door had started to fall off, but it was solved with some glue.

The car still has the original clutch and shocks, exhaust pipes, and according to the last inspection, they are in good working order.

I believe this is a quite impressive result for economical and cheap car.

Engine and gearbox are in perfect order, with no consumption of oil or any leakage at all.

I believe the Getz will continue to serve me for several more years.


9th Feb 2014, 18:50

All the points you make in your comment are identical to my experience. It's weird, out of town it does seem to feel much nicer to drive. With just 2 up, the ride is a bit naff, but funnily enough, when fully loaded it seems better.

8th Feb 2016, 17:10

Regards from original poster again.

My Getz is now 9 years old, and just turned 330.000 km on clock and is still driving.

First clutch set were replaced at 275.000km.

Rear original shocks changed at 300.000km (fronts are still OK).

Fuel pump died at 310.000km.

+ just regular maintenance.

Expect to reach half a million km before it quits!