1968 Fiat 600 D 760 ccm, 4 cylinder


A cute classic car


Cylinder head gasket was replaced at 90K km.

Camshaft chain replaced.

Brakes were retrofitted, included new master cylinder, new pistons... All done by myself.

The car is now 34 years old and running like new :-)

General Comments:

Simple classic car for everyone, who looks for a nice weekend car. It was my first car. I thought I'll keep her only for short time, but I fell in love with this little rascal. Now I drive her very seldom as my second car. I think, there will be always place for her in my garage. The car is little bit slow, noisy and uncomfortable, but looks great, so who cares... It's a headturner.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2002

29th Dec 2005, 15:35

Am interested in purchasing a Fiat 600D. It was my 1st car in 1965. Any help appreciated. ch4jtimber@yahoo.com.

29th Dec 2005, 18:35

I am not a Fiat guy, but I have heard great things about these cars.

So I have to ask an ignorant question. Does the "D" stand for diesel or is it just a model designation?