9th Apr 2006, 03:08

The "D" in Fiat 1100D is just a model designation - my car was vintage of 1953, and it was not a diesel.

9th Apr 2006, 10:19

Thank you. I thought that might be the case as the "D" standing for diesel didn't seem to become widespread in cars until the 1970's - 1980's.

14th Jun 2006, 01:20

I too had a Fiat 600D as my first car. The D stands for Deluxe. The standard 600 had a 633 cc engine and the 600D had a 767 cc engine.

15th Jul 2006, 05:17

I'm from Malaysia, and I still have a Fiat 600D, superb running condition, fully overhauled, and It looks even like new with the new paint on.. If anyone interested to buy please to contact me at my Malaysian HP number 016-9715813 or email me at haiqal_tan@yahoo.com.my.

Anyway, the price of my car is USD2000.00.

Best Rgds.

12th Nov 2007, 11:48

Hi all, I am a newbie here. I just acquired a good running condition FIAT 600 D. I would like to keep it as a classic (it already is!). Can anybody help me to find the best mechanic familiar with the car? I would like to restory to its original glory.

Thanks in advance.

I can be contacted at +60122004050 or mazlimhusin@yahoo.com.

5th Feb 2008, 22:30

Hey all, I have a 1967 Fiat 600D in PERFECT condition, with all the original items. We brought it back from Italy when my husband bought it for me as a Valentine's day gift. Until very recently it had the original Pirelli tires on it. We were just looking for other folks out there to share in the joy of owning one of these 'over sized go carts'. BTW, the D does indeed mean it has the bigger engine. Thanks guys vonsmiths@earthlink.net (we will be happy to send pictures for anyone who needs accurate model for restoration).

20th Mar 2008, 23:16

Hi, I'm from Malaysia. I had purchased a Fiat 600D, 1968 model. Engine is still running good but the water pump is making a lot of noise.

Anybody out there willing to help by providing a list of spare part dealers in Italy or elsewhere so that I can order direct from them? Please contact me.

I simply love this little devil of a car and hope to fully restore it.

20th May 2008, 16:15

My first car in 1966 was a 600. Later on I came into a number of 600s including D models. Back in those days in Los Angeles, these little cars were pretty disposable, and a lot of people just gave them to me. I got interested in the Abarth variants, as there were some highly successful "Berlina Corsas, kicking ass on the Mini Coopers in local club races, and wound up building one for myself.

The "D" was was much superior to the 600. The engine can be distinguished by the lack of the breather "bump" on the side. It had a counter weighted crank, heavier rods, and bigger valves and pistons, a solenoid operated starter to list just a few things. The D model did away with the suicide doors and had opening window wing vents, an improved heater arrangement, and a parking brakes on the rear wheels, instead of the transmission nose. I wish I still had one.

11th Jun 2008, 19:17

My wife recently purchased a 1969 Seat 600D, a Spanish version of the Fiat 600D. It runs and drives great but the transmission is noisy. Does anyone know if the Fiat 600D gearbox will install in this car? This car is fun to drive and turns heads everywhere. We want to continue driving it for many years.

Contact: rex@olypen.com

18th Jun 2008, 15:46

Dear FIAT 600 friends.

The 600 we had in 1969-72 was equipped with a canvas sunroof, and we're try to find such one again, but it seems very difficult.

Do anybody know if the canvas sunroof was original, or an extra fitted on the car later?

See pictures of our beloved 600 at http://www.olefog.dk

Friendly regards.

Bente & Ole Fog


26th Aug 2008, 02:37

The canvas sunroof was an original extra.

27th Jun 2014, 06:27

Hi friends, I'm from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I have a fiat 600D (1967), and I need some help. Can anyone tell me where to get spare parts locally?

9th Jul 2014, 20:21

Just a model designation; the Fiat 600 was the first series, followed by the 600d.

12th Apr 2017, 12:14

The D is just a model designation which came with many improvements to the engine, body and drivetrain.