2009 Subaru Impreza 1.5




Nothing so far thankfully.

General Comments:

This car is great when it comes to comfort and handling, but acceleration and top speed, that's when it all goes wrong.

All that Subaru did was sell itself short by making such an engine 1.5L on a four wheel drive without any kind of boost. That's not good at all. Acceleration goes out the window, and you can't expect straight line speed, being an AWD.

Its handles like a dream, but that's just not enough; you can't just make a car that can corner, then on the straights it needs, well a coffee, so it realizes that you actually welded your foot to the floor, then it would start to accelerate gently till it reaches 4.5 thousand so, where it would accelerate like a normal car, and that's just till probably 6 thousand; over that it's just torque.

I would seriously consider trading in my car if it had some kind of boost, turbo, whatever it needs just respond like a proper well made car from Subaru. I really think they went all out to make a economic car regarding fuel consumption, quiet, comfortable, and four wheel drive, and then totally blew all of that with that engine. I mean, come on, clearly it's missing something, a huge something when it comes to acceleration.

Anywhere else, it's fine, a proper car.

I had a BMW E36 1.6, year 1992; tried both on a test drive, needless to say the end of that story...

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Review Date: 21st September, 2010

2009 Subaru Impreza R AWD sedan 1.5 petrol


With 1500c.c AWD engine = more stable, better handling, and a new adventure every day


- The suspension is very soft compared to the 07 & 05 Impreza. This makes the car more comfortable, but the driver feels a bit of under steer at speeds over 140 km/h on hard corners.

- The hand brake position will annoy you for some time, then you will adapt its strange position near the driver's leg.

- It's not (eye-catching car) like the previous Impreza models (2005-2007).

- Subaru needs to give more attention to the Impreza's keys (really, the 2009 key looks cheap and a shame compared to Chinese cars and other European cars like the Focus).

- The 1.5 models are not available with sunroof models, and there's only one color trim for the interior.

- The new technology (AVCS automatic valve control system) reduces the fuel consumption on city roads, but it makes the car acceleration not good (I have the manual transmission gear box).

--- For me, no other issues till now.

General Comments:

- Subaru really made this car more comfortable than previous Impreza models.

- The 1.5R engine is very quiet under 3000 k RPM, and very aggressive over 4000 k RPM, with a really strong unique Boxer sound.

- The stock CD-MP3 player really cool and strong regarding the 4 stock speakers.

- The sedan looks more luxurious, and the hatch looks more sportive and stylish.

- The AWD gives the car more stability and pretty handling compared to other Japanese cars in the market e.g. Civic, Lancer, Corolla and Mazda3.

- The interior looks cool and uses good materials of plastic (not a cheap ones)

- The only car in this price category with AWD boxer engine.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2009

4th Jul 2009, 05:37

Agree with you man.

I own a 2008 Hb and it's a cool car.

At 9000Km I had problems with the brake rotors and calipers, and the dealer fixed the problem.

It was a major problem in these models. Now everything is OK.

I have the high line model Rk and I think the acceleration is good for automatic pit, you may need to use octane 95 if you don't agree. Acceleration and engine sound really become better when I upgraded to 95 gasoline.

16th Aug 2009, 11:47

Hi man, I'm thinking of getting one of these Impreza 1.5Rs. How is the engine with 4 people inside the car??

29th Aug 2009, 19:18

I think this sedan is a cool car. I'm thinkin about buying this car. I really would have preferred like the 2004-2007 models. I test drove one today it gives a great ride. I'm a little worried though about the engine size, it seemed to be powerful. can someone tell me about the performance and what can I put on the car in terms of modifying it. please.

30th Aug 2009, 19:11

The Subaru Impreza has a Boxer 4 engine I believe. It makes about 276 HP, and you can put plenty of performance goodies on it. Suspension kits, turbo's, exhausts, you name it. It's just like any other car, it just has a unique engine style.

17th Mar 2011, 15:56

A 1.5 engine does not put out 276 hp.

19th Jun 2011, 07:14

The 1.5 has got 107HP.

The 2.0 has got 145HP.

The 2.5 has got 197HP.

The 2.0WRX turbo has got 256HP.

The 2.5STi turbo has got 345HP.


The 1,5 is the most economic Subaru engine so don't expect a rally car when drive it, however it still has the SUBARU inspire so you should upgrade to WRX if you want performance!

19th May 2015, 07:36

Can I upgrade the 1.5L engine by adding a turbo charger? I might need a Unichip as well. Has anyone tried this?

1997 Subaru Impreza LX 1.6


I love it, but..!


Nothing unusual (I have changed timing belt, the 4 shock absorber, and shaft at 150000 kilometers for first time).

The engine goes noisy at speed of 90km/h, but it is normal at higher and lower speeds!

General Comments:

First of all I`m SUBARIST, I love the shape and style of all SUBIES.

My Impreza ran 160000 kilometers,and still runs well.

However it is a reliable car there are 3 mistakes. First and biggest problem for me is the position of the gas pedal. To operate the vehicle, the driver needs to position the foot slightly angled to right. With long driving time, the leg gets tired.

Second problem is that the air condition is too strong for a 1600cc engine, so when it is turned on every thing goes noisy inside and outside the car. besides the engine loses too much power.

Third and last headache is coming from behind this time. the noise which comes from the plastic parts in the inner back side of the car! (mine is wagon).I will solve this problem someday.

Except what I mentioned above, the car is excellent, funny to drive, and so well designed.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2005

10th May 2006, 06:16

Hi all, I am from Egypt, the owner of a Subaru Impreza 1997 manual 1.6 liter sedan. I just wanted to comment that, I don't have these three problems in my car, air condition is very well, no noise, and its acceleration and top speed is impressive (210km) for a 95 horsepower engine. Superb.