1997 Chrysler Neon LE 2.0i 16v


Chrysler Neon is still young, but already a classic


No problems at all, the car is as reliable as a trained dog.

Some adjustments had to be done (as in every car).

In my opinion people who are whining about the Neon, shouldn't probably own a car in a first place :-/

General Comments:

I don't see why some people are whining about the Neon. You take care of the car and the car takes care of you, simple as that. Neons do not need big reparations if you can handle them right, - but if you mess with them, it's no wonder they break, like any car does.

The Neon is not a noisy car as many people claim; the magic is in the tires, buy proper tires, and the car is silent. Again, use your brains and the car works fine for you. Chrysler makes good quality and uses materials which last.

Design inside and out is cool, and the overall feel is reliable, sporty and elegant. There is enough space and the back seats can be taken down if necessary.

The automatic gear box works as a clock, silent with a help of a powerful engine.

Power steering and handling feels reliable and good.

Everything you need is in a logical place and is marked properly for everyday use.

This car is competing in the same series as the Toyota Avensis, Opel Vectra, Volkswagen Passat, Honda Accord, Nissan Primera and Mitsubishi Charisma... and think about that list for a while, and then say Neon doesn't cut it, - it does.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2001

19th Apr 2001, 17:06

Something amiss here - people complaining about Neons or Chryslers are almost always be from America/Canada; Chrysler appears to have average reliability in the UK (Lex Report) and Germany (Chrysler on the whole). I'm in New Zealand - no bad news spreading here either. Hang on -- are Chryslers for export outside Nth America assembled in a different plant with different components???

1997 Chrysler Neon SE 2.0


Rattles from various places.

Brakes are noisy (tried to fix once by the local dealer, helped for only about 3000 kilometers).

Gear selection (will be fixed by the dealer without extra cost).

Central locking (motor in the passenger door broke, fixed without extra cost).

General Comments:

Not very comfortable, not very solid. Nice to drive but 4 speed auto would be nice.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2000