5th Jun 2002, 12:48

You obviously haven't driven anything else mate. I have a Neon at work, then I get into my Nissan Primera. Totally different ball game I'm afraid. The Neon is Noisy (engine) it is gutless, it is atrocious to drive, it has dreadful build quality, it is a nasty car. It looks OK though, shame about the engineering (or lack of)

22nd Aug 2002, 16:04

Toronto, Can.

I have a 2001 Neon, bought the sucker brand-new!

Here is a list of the problems I have already encountered:

-16000km's Transmission almost blew because the "computer" malfunctioned leaving me STUCK IN 2nd GEAR on the highway!

-Engine Clamps replaced (it was shaking like an earthquake!)

-Had Transmission "re-built" TWICE!!!

-battery died

-Front Speakers Blown Twice?? not my fault..really!

-And now that I'm at 53000km's I'm hoping to GOD that nothing else goes wrong..I'm 7000km's aways from being in big trouble... my warranty is gone at 60,000...

I'm Just fed-up with the car..It's only a 3speed, it's slow and it gives me nothing but headaches... the only good thing about it is the interior... (i had to say something nice)


30th Apr 2003, 06:22

I have a 98' Neon, and the head gasket just blew. The car has approximately 40,000 miles. I think as a group of consumers we should file a law suite against the company?

20th May 2003, 02:52

I bought a used Neon in 1999, it is a 1995 it continue to have problems with the head gaskets, and the brakes. the cost is very costly. what should I do.

26th Feb 2004, 21:16

I Agree with you about the car and your opinion on the people who own them. I do have to admit that my neon is not exactly flawless, but I also think that driver error is a big part of problems that occur during the owner ship of a car. Don't baby your car, but don't neglect it either. Also, everyone whose complaining about the automatic neons performance should get a grip. Don't get a auto if you want speed especially not the three speed you get in the neon. The only good thing about it is that you don't have to shift it yourself. My neon is fast and I can beat most preppared Civics I race here in PR. Also, Try doing your own work on the car even if it voids the warranty to make sure the dealers not shafting you. From what I hear the warranty isn't much help anyways.

30th Mar 2004, 10:04

I am posting this to help bring exposure to these problems, maybe getting Chrysler to admit and come clean for their shortcomings. I have 1997 neon; I bought new in the spring of 1997. It has been well maintained and not abused. In the spring of 2002, I had to have the transmission rebuilt. The main gear had a crack in the casting and started to loose teeth. It cost me almost $900 CND. The car was purchased in the USA new and only had 38,000 miles at this point. In the spring of 2003, I took it in because I noticed the casing of the transmission was wet. After they looked at it, they told me it was the head gasket, and again quoted me a price of almost $1000. I had about 44,000 miles at that point. I contacted Chrysler Canada, and was told they would not do anything for it. After seeing some more information on a news show, I decided to peruse it farther. I have filed a complaint with the NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236 and logged a formal complaint. Everyone who reads this should log a complaint. Maybe if enough people are calling in, something will be done about it, and they will be forced to fix their problems as all of us do.

30th Jun 2004, 14:34

I have a 1997 Dodge neon with 90,000 miles on it my head gasket cracked probably at 85-87k when the thermostat fell apart in 6 pieces. I think Chrysler needs to recall the head gasket in these cars. When I went to the dealership to get a price on a head gasket, I was told that now they reinforce the head gasket FOUR times... unless there's something seriously wrong on their part why the heck would a company need to reinforce a head gasket that many times??? Obviously they know there's a problem with it and they won't do anything about it... I say we all send them messages to try and get them to recall the part.

15th Jul 2004, 13:43

OK have had two neon's, 96 LE and now 2001 SE, both have been fine, first did have some minor overheating problems... ahem... thought it was the head gasket, but after replacing that and no difference decided the problem may lie in the block, or head (which looked fine on removal) so traded it against the 2001 model, this one is a dream, not a problem just runs and runs. The original appeal was to own an American car. Second Neon is better, looks nicer, more stable and erm very unexciting so took the plunge and bought an '82 Camaro Z28... don't suppose any of you guys want some Thule roof bars to fit the early neons???

6th Sep 2004, 16:18

I'm from Canada. I have a 2002 Chrysler Neon with low mileage. I had a 1999 Dodge Neon before that & traded it in on this one because I wanted a yellow one ;o)

My brakes have been squealing & grabbing the first couple times I use them after the car has been sitting for a bit... Then they stop & the brakes seem fine... It doesn't matter if it's raining or not... they now squeal & grab every time when I first start off...

I mentioned this to the dealer the last time I had the car in for servicing in the spring.. They said the brakes were wet & that was common... But they haven't been wet & they're still doing it... anyone else having the same problem? I've read about squealing brakes with past models... any suggestions?

I also have a clicking noise coming from under the hood when I first start my car & back out of my parking space, then it quits... this is something new... Any idea what that is??

5th Oct 2004, 17:07

I've got an early 1994 LE model built in the USA (left hand drive), but imported to Europe as a test car for Rover. I've now done 108,000 miles without any significant problems other than normal wear and tear - cable operated clutch cable breaks regularly so I carry a spare. I've driven the thing all over Europe, including UK to Bulgaria, Romania and shortly I will be driving it to Macedonia. I think it's an underrated car - it's sporty and fast - good cruise at 120 km/h. My only serious complaint is the fuel tank is only 40l. One can only do about 300km before filling up again.

9th Mar 2006, 04:05

I got a used Chrysler Neon 1997 almost one year ago, from Cairo Egypt where I live. It looks great and sporty, gives you the feeling of a powerful 2.0 liter engine, but... it was the worst car I have ever owned.

Of course I changed the head gasket, the engine noise is very high, I need to replace the brake clutches very frequently, air conditioning is not effective in Cairo summer temperatures, replacement parts are very expensive at the dealer (radiator cost 700$ - can you imagine!!), and the 40 liter tank is not good with a 2.0 liter engine, so I need to refill the tank every 300 Km, which is nonsense.

When I first got it, I went to make a full computer check on the engine, but.. The computer was not functioning, and they did the check manually!!! When I start the engine in the morning, I hear some noises that quiet down after a while, and I don’t know the reason until now.

I really hated myself for selling my Honda Civic. It was such a wonderful car.