18th Mar 2006, 01:24

My Husband bought me a 1997 Chrysler neon LX for my 30th birthday and it was the worst gift ever.

First I had to sell my Suzuki Auto which was very economical and reliable to inherit a beautiful monster.

My neon first started its problems with the gasket then the over heating, then the switching on and off of the fan etc etc.

I used the car for short distance only and wonder why I have spent more than my husband bought the car fixing it.

My recent problem is the brand new battery going dead.

The AA guy told me that my alternators are fine, the battery (a hcb065) is very much in good shape and can only suggest I take the car to the garage.

So here I am again back to the Chrysler garage, makes me wonder, it this their business strategy to make money off their customers

West Drayton.

6th Jul 2006, 12:58

I own a 1996 Plymouth Neon. I bought the car brand new and used to drive it across the US for several years before I had it shipped to Switzerland. The car has severe dents from hail. Nevertheless I loved it a lot until... the inevitable head gasket failure occurred at 76,000 miles last week.

Following this disaster it was very disappointing to discover that the head gasket is a predetermined breaking point in Neon engines. I guess Chrysler never recalled the cars because this was intended to happen sooner or later.

To fix the gasket would cost me $1500. That’s a very high price tag considering the problem most likely will reoccur again soon. Hence all that remains to say is bye bye to my Neon and bye bye Chrysler...

26th Aug 2007, 01:12

On my 3rd Neon right now. Bought one for $500 with 106k on it. All it had was a blown headgasket. $100 later and it's running like a champ.

The reason why Chrysler never did a recall is because Chrysler doesn't recall gaskets of any type. They never have, and unless their new owner changes that, they won't ever. It's just something you have to deal with. Like how if you go to Wendy's and they give you fries and you didn't order, they throw them out. Whereas if you go to McDonalds, they just put them back with the rest. It's just business that's all.

2nd Apr 2008, 12:07

How did someone manage to get their head gasket replaced for just $100? I'm being quoted a $1000+ to get mine done. I can't even afford it right now, it'll take me 4-5 months to save up that sort of money.

I bought my 1997 Dodge Neon for $1450 about a month ago. This is my first car and I was so excited. Then the engine light comes on. Now I am spending $300 for a new O2 sensor, an oil change, new belts and getting my estimate for a new head gasket. Would it be cheaper to buy the parts myself and have someone else place the gasket for me?

5th Sep 2008, 02:07

Solution to chrysler problems... buy a CHEVY.

22nd Sep 2008, 17:52

I myself had have my Chrysler Neon SE 2000 for now 8 lonnngggg Years! It was and still is the worst car I could have every bought! Not only do the brakes need to be done every 8 months or so - The engine light comes on and off, and there is nothing wrong (so says every mechanic).

Now today the battery light comes on for no reason??? Oh on top of all that, the front light no matter how many times I go and get it changed - burns out within 2-3 weeks every time! Talk about the worst car made!!!

Buy a Chevy or a Ford or a Saturn; Anything but a Neon!

12th May 2009, 22:40

96 Neon - Brakes under warranty. Catalytic converter, crankcase position sensor, oxygen sensor and now head gasket. Fun to drive care, not fun to fix. Chrysler knew of the head gasket problems and did nothing for out of warranty cars. Then people wonder why Chrysler sales fell out the bottom? I have had Dodge full size vans and they were great... not so the Neon. It's been awful.

9th Oct 2009, 20:44

"Solution to chrysler problems... buy a CHEVY."

Ha ha. Yeah, and then be even worse off.

1st Sep 2010, 08:40

SOMETHING NEW:- Hi, I have Chrysler Neon 1997, and my experience is opposite to all of other user of this car. This car is beautiful for me and for my status. I have been using this car for one year, and luckily I have never ever been to a garage for repair. What's the magic behind it! It's that I take care of my car very well. My experience says this car is a bit more sensitive than others. Just need to check some little things every week in your car. Which are like:

Engine oil level.

Brake oil level.

Steering oil level.

Transmission oil level.

Coolant level.


And the main thing is I am a Indian student studying in Australia. I am not a mechanic, but I fix each and every thing of my car at my home, and I am really happy to use it. It is my experience that if you like it, then try it, otherwise buy anything. But every car needs repairs after some time.

The things I repaired in my car are radiator, brake pads, timing belt, change the transmission filter.


10th Mar 2011, 21:35

I have purchased a second hand Chrysler Neon 1997 model last September, and I have had trouble with the following:

- Brakes/pads.

- Transmission.

- Oil leak (from the engine).

- Blown fuses (to the cooling fans, causing the car to over heat).

And just recently, the wiring to the fuses had to be replaced, costing me $120.00 (Aus), and apparently my radiator has a huge hole in it now, costing me $380.00 + $22.00 for coolant. I'm looking at $522.00 (Aus), and I have only had the car for under 6 months. I check all the oil levels every second day, and water and coolant, and I'm sick of it. What should I do???

25th Mar 2011, 17:25

I had to replace the head gasket only a week or so before I had my son.. I had to have a car that got me to hospital for the birth.. only trouble is the parts and mechanical labour (at least my labour was free) cost about as much as the car was worth at that time.. and then I had way reduced income due to maternity leave..

27th Mar 2011, 13:03

That's a lousy thing to go through. Neons ate head gaskets for breakfast. They were very problematic cars right from the day they were introduced. They were a poor attempt at competing with Corollas and Civics. No wonder Chrysler is finished.

28th Mar 2011, 09:32

Chrysler is finished? I thought they just released a brand new line of redesigned cars and trucks through both of their companies, Chrysler and Dodge. Huh, I guess someone should tell them!

28th Mar 2011, 17:20

I meant without Fiat, Chrysler is finished. Fiat wants Chrysler's dealer network in North America, that's all. Fiat wants to establish itself as a separate brand on its own in North America. It's already happening where I live. A long standing Dodge dealership is now sporting the Fiat name. Someone must have told the dealer about that, because his lot is now full of Fiat 500s, not Dodge.

Daimler was foolish enough to get into a partnership with them, and they got nothing out of it. Why do you think they got out? Chrysler has been a money losing operation with inferior products for so long, they should have faded away years ago. The 'new' 200 is a just a Sebring. Nothing new about that. They've done a mild refreshing of all their current money losing old products. Chrysler is so far behind Ford, Toyota and Honda that they'll never catch up. Even bankrupted GM looks good compared to Chrysler.

19th Oct 2011, 14:43

If someone hasn't already told you, it sounds like the radiator is no good. The transmission has oil cooler lines that run into the radiator; the tube that holds this fluid is probably perforated, and the coolant has more pressure than the transmission, so it forces the "water into the transmission".