Escort 1.4 CVH

Inexpensive and gets the job done, but doesn't have much excitement to offer

263 words

Escort Ghia 3D 1.6i

Too small to be quite comfortable, but good value for money

154 words


Escort RS2000 16V 2.0 DOHC 16v

A fast hot-hatch bargain

81 words


Escort CLX 1.8 16-valve DOCH

Recommendable at least for the first car

384 words, 4 comments


Escort CL 1.3 HCS

A desperate buy that has become like a good friend

55 words


Escort L 1.3

A great value car with pretty good comfort

200 words

Escort L 1.3

A high performance car

16 words, 1 comment


Escort RS2000 2.0

If you like fixing with your car

33 words