2002 Ferrari Enzo V12


Street legal F1, literally!


It is faster than stated by Ferrari.

General Comments:

Having driven F1 Ferrari's I must admit that this machine is a street legal version of F1. I found it more user friendly than my previous Ferrari (s) however it is not for inexperienced drivers. Scary, very scary. Feel sad about giving it back at the end of the year, but owning and racing numerous Ferrari's will compensate for the absence of my belowed Enzo.

Michael :)

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Review Date: 21st December, 2002

2nd Jan 2003, 10:56

Yea, sure you are Michael Shumacher, alek. maybe Michael Jackson.

12th Jan 2003, 11:15

Most interesting - you never know though it just could be the real MS - although isn't he a little too busy counting the money and paying some of it back to Rubens and Jean Todd for all of those favours...