30th Apr 2003, 10:18

Would Michael Schumacher use the word "scary" to describe this car? I suspect not. Neither, I suspect would he feel the need to write his "experiences" on this site. Nice try, whoever you really are.

20th May 2003, 14:29

You actually had to give it back at the end of the year?? That bites. PLEASE tell me it was only a lease! However, I also read another comment by Gordon Murray on the McLaren F1 that "owners had BROUGHT THEM BACK with high mileages, which is very satisfying..." If I had a car like this, or a McLaren F1, either of which would be a pipe dream, I'd never give it back!

I don't know about the "scary" description... if this is indeed Michael Schumacher, he was probably scared while driving this car really fast. In traffic. In Monte Carlo. Surrounded by million-dollar cars and potential multi-billion dollar lawsuits. But does ol' Schuey ever get scared? Who knows?

I have some advice to Michael, whether your last name is Schumacher, Jackson, or Finnigan: Buy your car back, and KEEP IT.

29th Jul 2003, 15:37

Schumacher would probably describe this car as boringly slow as he drives a £10 million missile for a living and that gets you to 100MPH in 3.9 seconds only 0.4 seconds slower than the Ferrari Enzo takes to get to 60mph!!!

15th Sep 2003, 17:58

What's up, Michael? (I do believe it's you, BTW) As I'm sure you already know, Ferrari has an awful habit of underestimating the performance of their cars. For example, a few years ago on Car & Driver TV, a F355 F1, which the factory claims 183 mph for, was clocked with a radar gun at 194 mph (and it was still accelerating!), so I'm sure this car is no exception. How does this compare to the F50 in you opinion?

16th Sep 2003, 01:48

Schuey, huh? HAHAHAHA. OK guys, the man can hardly speak english, do you really expect him to write it this well? NO!!

And, uh, GIVE IT BACK?!?!?!

Yeah right, I think somehow he could afford to buy one!!

AND: If Ferrari did give him one, they'd give it to him. NOT loan it to him. After what they pay him do you really think ONE Enzo is such a big deal? I think not!

My understanding is Mikey's daily driver is a Mercedes AMG C43, of course that's irrelevant since the Enzo wouldn't be his daily driver. Oh well, lot's of fun. Let's all have a sense of humour. Den.

16th Sep 2003, 21:50

Actually I think Micheal has a Ferrari 575 and a Maserarti 3200GT (probably the newer models now) I also heard that he has a Fiat 500 Arbarth or something like that, one of those little tiny rear engined things, strangely Gordon Murray also has/had one as well, must be a good drive. Also I believe Michael lives in Switzerland, not Monaco, then again he probably earns enough to buy whatever he wants.

16th Sep 2003, 22:48

BINGO!!! And Gordan Murray always seems to have something interesting, like his Rocket. YEEHAA!!!


17th Nov 2003, 13:55

I know he once had a special 1-of-a-kind yellow Bugatti EB110 made 100% from carbon-fibre that was given to him as a present! You need something like that to get this guy impressed...

21st Nov 2003, 02:19

Actually, the latest news flying around is that Mike and Ralf have just purchased Audi RS6 Avants - but I am sure they have heaps of other cars around. If you ask me, I'll still take my Merc SLK230 Kompressor and would only swap it for a new SL55 AMG.

29th Jan 2005, 09:53

The only thing that you said was "TRUE" Mike (or whoever is wasting my time with this article), is that Ferrari does underestimate the top end of there cars. I bought a used '80 308 GTS with 28,000 miles. The manufacture stated the top end is 145. However, I was presently surprised to get up to 152mph down the front straight at Road America. I think the 0-60mph was faster than 7.3secs as well maybe closer to 6.9, but it was a cool day so that helps. Anyway, Ferrari would never Give the "real" Mike anything for a limited amount of time. He could walk into the Ferrari company and start throwing eggs at the cars on the show room floor and they would say "Gee thanks Mike, we wanted to repaint them anyway" He owns there future! "J"

21st Feb 2005, 03:04

This looks like some of the McLaren reviews. I don't believe him either. But Schumacher knows the English language brilliant, by the way...

- Auto journo from Russland.

25th Feb 2005, 05:56

You made a good point, Schumacher does, in fact, live in Schweiss, not in Deutschland.

19th Mar 2005, 14:23

Haha, why not have it flown out to Malaysia then, it'll be faster than your other 'company car' is at the moment.

Let's face it, if a mere 'Renault' can outpace you, you've got to consider your options.

3rd Apr 2005, 09:24

Why can nobody on this site actually believe that real people (e.g: not Bill Gates, Richard Branson billionaire sorts) can afford cars of this caliber?

You would think that anyone who can afford to buy a car like an Enzo, F50, XJ220 etc etc has somehow made a shedload of money and you would also think that having that amount of money, they would be able to afford the internet and actually have time to use it!

Stop throwing kids tantrums because you think the reviewer is lying, and if you really don't believe that the reviewer owns the car in question, go and read a different review!

2nd Apr 2007, 01:30

You don't have to be ultra rich to rent one of these cars (mind you good luck finding an Enzo they're so damned rare). I don't even have a 6 figure salary and I rented a 360 on one occasion and a Murcielago for 2 days. Just enough time for me to thoroughly drive the car and post a review. As for Mike :) the original poster I have a question for you If you are MS which you imply you are, What car did you drive during your stay in Montreal throughout the weekend of June 2004? This site is intended to help consumers make informed decisions based on actual previous owner experiences not fantasy. Steve:)

26th Nov 2008, 06:47

Ummm, Great Car!. *yawns*

- The Stig.