2003 Ferrari Enzo 6.0 V12 from UK and Ireland


Supercar performance and Elise handling


Nothing went wrong with the car yet as I have only had it for 1 month. The window winder's are quite hard to use and it would be better if they got replaced with electric window's.

General Comments:

This car is the fastest thing I have ever been in my whole life. When I took it to the racing track I got to 180 MPH. The handling is great, it's like a monster Elise. It is quite expensive to use and it's service's are expensive. If you have got the money you have got to get one of them.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2003

26th Feb 2004, 09:16

Do you really own an Enzo? You must be very important if you do and you must be on his list of important people to get an Enzo.

8th Apr 2004, 09:25

You don't own an enzo mate... dream on. Your grammar. You can tell by the way you write. I think you're having a dream...

23rd Apr 2004, 10:02

I belive that for anyone who ever gets to drive an Enzo will have an experince of a lifetime. As for the grammar of a Ferrari driver, you don't have to be smart just rich,...

14th Jul 2004, 08:09

Someone out there owns an Enzo and someone is bound to come accross this website. Its very annoying to see anyone who writes a review for an Enzo being told afterwards "Do you own one, or dream on" etc.

To a lot of people £400K or however much they are is not a lot of money. I'm 25 and own a F355, granted it cost me £40K which is a lot to me at the moment, but like I said I'm only 25. By the time I am 30 I could afford an Enzo no problems and there are other people in the same boat as me! (I do understand there are not many of these cars, but everything has a price!)

3rd Dec 2004, 20:07

Looking at the stats for a Ferrari Enzo, it must make up for the gas mileage, the maintenance, the lack of speed for the cash, and the limited options, through handling. It's a fast car, but the price is beyond comprehension. The Ferrari Enzo seems to be a fast car for people who don't know any better and who don't mind getting valve adjustments every 100 miles. There are many cars for 100k less with comparable or better performance without the hassle of the Enzo.

5th Jan 2005, 16:54

If you want to buy a Ferrari from a guy who absolutely loves them, check out www.zrauto.ca.

16th Jun 2005, 06:00

I'm sure the Enzo is a stunning car, but it's butt ugly. And for a Ferrari that is a capital crime.

2002 Ferrari Enzo from North America


A no-frills, no-compromises Italian thoroughbred with reckless abandon


None; perhaps the owner himself would have rather concentrated on everything that had gone right with the car.

General Comments:

(Note: I have never owned a Ferrari Enzo, nor have I ever driven one. I just had the pleasure of riding shotgun in someone else's for five minutes.)

From a design standpoint, this is the closest resemblance a road car has ever held to a million-dollar-plus F1 race car. The design is a bit awkward and lacks some continuity, especially when looked at from the side. However, it is a functional, clearly F1-inspired design that's especially apparent should you nervously glance at this thing coming fast at you in your rear-view mirror.

Inside, the driver gets a good view of the outside world from a high-tech, but still very much spartan interior. The bucket seats are comfortable, and drivers of 5 to 5.5 feet in height should fit into this Mario Kart with more than enough room to wear the a racing helmet for the real Schumacher look. 0-60 comes and goes in about 3 seconds, and the handling at legally permissible speeds is excellent. The F1 paddle-shift transmission is a welcome benefit that allows for lightning-quick shifts in a matter of milliseconds. I haven't experienced the Enzo's handling capabilities beyond 90 miles per hour, because that was as fast as we could go without frightening the locals or upsetting the police (even if the owner was skilled enough to outrun them).

You may note that Ferrari has left out some traditional design aspects with the Enzo. Gone are the rear spoilers and egg-crate grilles of yore, replaced by a purely functional, visibly Schumacher-esque design from nose to tail. Also, the car is available from the factory only in Rosso Corsa Red and what I think is Fly Yellow, although other colors have also been seen. My guess is that Ferrari's corporate officers probably saw the bright green F50 posted on the Google Image Search and learned their lesson. (I saw that image myself; it was somewhat awkward. Like a Photoshopped image of Ben Affleck in lingerie.)

The (very lucky) driver told me that he had to visit the gas station about two days after owning the car. He probably didn't mind either; normally cars like this are bought for the exhilarating experience they provide to their lucky owners, as well as the implied snobbery that comes with owning a car for which the odds of seeing another one just like it are roughly a billion to one. These cars usually aren't bought for the thrills of balancing your checkbook and amazing yourself with how much you spend to let loose your inner Schumacher on the Interstate on a daily basis. Maintenance may be a difficulty unless you happen to have connections at a local Ferrari mechanic's shop. Even then, finding parts for this car can be an exercise in patience, dealing with apologetic mechanics, and then dealing with unapologetic I.R.S. auditors.

While the Road & Track figures are respectable, the car's design almost begged for an admiring crowd. Some comments on this car ranged from "the performance turd of the millennium" to "Oh my God, what has Ferrari done to itself?" To me, however, the design is a blend of functionality and passion that sums up everything Ferrari has learned from F1 racing. To those lucky few who actually own this automotive masterpiece, congratulations! As for the lucky and generous owner featured in this review, thanks a bunch and see you at Le Mans!

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Review Date: 26th December, 2002

17th Jan 2003, 07:22

I'm sure it's a stunning machine to drive, and the most capable car money can buy, but it's as ugly as sin. Ferraris should be unquestionably and unconditionally beautiful - look at the 288GTO, F40, F355, Daytona, Dino, 328 etc.

29th Apr 2003, 09:39

Hmmm...perhaps it is too early to say if it's ugly. Many people said that the Testarossa was ugly back in 1984... I am not decided. What I DO know though is that if I ever see one on the street my jaw will need reconstructive surgery!

2002 Ferrari Enzo V12 from Germany


Street legal F1, literally!


It is faster than stated by Ferrari.

General Comments:

Having driven F1 Ferrari's I must admit that this machine is a street legal version of F1. I found it more user friendly than my previous Ferrari (s) however it is not for inexperienced drivers. Scary, very scary. Feel sad about giving it back at the end of the year, but owning and racing numerous Ferrari's will compensate for the absence of my belowed Enzo.

Michael :)

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Review Date: 21st December, 2002

2nd Jan 2003, 10:56

Yea, sure you are Michael Shumacher, alek. maybe Michael Jackson.

12th Jan 2003, 11:15

Most interesting - you never know though it just could be the real MS - although isn't he a little too busy counting the money and paying some of it back to Rubens and Jean Todd for all of those favours...