10th Dec 2003, 01:55

It might not be all that easy on the eye, but I think the view from the driver's seat and the perceptions of all the other senses allow Ferrari to be forgiven. If only my Datsun was as 'ugly' as the Enzo...

5th Jan 2004, 20:43

I thought the Enzo was ugly as sin when I first saw in the magazines too, but my mind took a U-turn when I saw it in real life. It's quite beautiful and indeed stunning to look at. I'm sure it's quite a pleasure to ride in or even drive, also. I was simply in "awe" when I saw it (the Chicago Auto Show.) Everything about it is great. I could see room for improvement on the body, but very little.

29th Jan 2004, 06:28

I hated the looks of this car when it first arrived. I then saw a gleaming black one at the Birmingham Motor Show last year and I cannot contemplate how stunning looking it is when you see one for real - truly amazing (apparently Jay Kay has one in black)!

25th Jul 2004, 08:51

Go out and actually buy and drive one, then come back and write a review. You can't get a good feel by riding in the car for 5 minutes!

25th Aug 2004, 22:21

I bought a used Enzo at a local dealer the other day. If you look carefully, you can get a great deal... the new ones depreciate like 200k as soon as you drive them off the lot.

20th Oct 2005, 16:45

Its the most stunning Ferrari I've seen, especially in the flesh.

2nd Mar 2006, 15:48

Ferrari has finally produced an ugly duckling. I don't care how fast it is, the bottom line is it's just plain ugly!

25th Nov 2006, 21:16

Do you really think that this Ferrari was designed to be beautiful??? I'm sorry, but that was NOT what the designers of this car had in mind. what they DID have in mind was absolute speed, grip, power, handling. if all these require the styling to be compromised, so be it. and plus, would you really care what the car looks like on the outside when your racing around a german autobahn, racing on the edge??? I wouldn't. so stop all your whining about the styling of the enzo, and speak more of what the car was intended for, speed.

Thank you have a nice day.

26th Nov 2006, 10:30

Actually the Enzo's "ugly" shape is due to aerodynamic and engine ventilation concerns which really have nothing to do with handling (as in suspension) or grip.

That said, Ferraris like all exotics are really sold on beauty first and the rest second. You can see this in the classic car auctions where the "ugly" Ferraris of the past command substantially less money than "beautiful" shapes.

And the average Enzo owner also had five other Ferraris, so the target market was sold on the brand prior to purchase (as opposed to a Stryker or Pagani Zonda).

Of course this is all relative, but the new 599 is certainly a lot better looking than the Enzo and offers similar performance.

13th Oct 2008, 09:43

Being a car designed by a Japanese who also designed the Honda NSX, the problem is that there is too many Japanese design flair in it, just compare that with the R35 GT-R and the Evo X and you will see where the similarity ends.

I will say that it only take one anime to sum the design up totally, in another word it is way too Gundam-esque for an Italian car with some influence from Option magazine (Japanese modified car mag) thrown in, I mean it look like Ken Okuyama have been watching too many Gundam anime with his kids before hitting the drawing board.

On the other hands, the FXX is just about right, and let's not start on the fact Japanese don't have design flair, as I totally disagree.