1972 Lincoln Mark IV 460 Ford V8


The Mark IV from 1972-76 is one of the last true cars built


- Door Armrests begin to crack.

- Right exhaust manifold replaced due to a crack.

- Several rubber parts replaced due to age.

- A-arm bushings worn.

- A/C discharges over time.

General Comments:

I bought this dream on a vacation trip to Michigan and had it transported to Germany, where I live.

The car still looks like new after 32 years and the previous owner cared well for it. You can look at every detail of this beautiful car and see with how much love and quality it was made. No plastic parts on body, everything is very solid. The car is truly heavy due to the bulk of steel used to build it, but when you drive it, it is not comparable to anything else.

The big 460 engine is service-friendly and service parts are economical in price, its fuel consumption is not. Performance is not bad for such a heavyweight, but also not spectacular (except for a top speed of over 120 mph!)

The Mark IV has a lot of space in its passenger compartment and a lot of convenience features are provided.

I am most impressed, that the car is still original inside and out after 32 years now. No rust anywhere (and believe me, I used an endoscope to look everywhere)! Ford has done a great job. I feel very sorry, that cars like this never will be built again. But I am sure it will be one of tomorrow's classics.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2005

29th Aug 2005, 07:38

What is wrong with keeping a classic car in good condition over a very long period of time?

Of course, this is no economy car, it was not even intended as such, when it was new. At least it was also not purchased as such and it still is not a daily driver. I simply was fed up with all those mega-priced, ultra-high-tech junk you can buy at any car dealer. I had a lot of trouble with most expensive new cars (European and American). After three years, half of your invested money is burned and you break your fingers when your try to change the spark plugs. Regarding service part prices of a new car, the Mark is very economical.

The Lincoln will double its value in 10 years if it can be kept in this beautiful condition. The fact, that I do this in Germany does not influence this. Germans love historic automobiles, no matter which origin they have.

Due to experience with other American cars of this era in my possession, I can say that they all survived much longer than any other, later built car of any nationality (although, I performed some corrosion protective measures). The reason for this is in my opinion their simplicity of construction. Any part can easily be repaired and is usually very solid and reliable.

And most important: It is very cool to drive!