24th Nov 2010, 19:35

Most exhaust shops can hook you up with a dual-exhaust system.

14th Dec 2010, 09:07

When I was 10 years old I saw a picture of a 72 Lincoln Mark IV (yellow with brown top/interior) in a magazine in Brazil. I was shocked by the beauty and the vision changed my life: from that moment I became a car nut and decided to be a mechanical engineer. All because of that picture.

Now I finally can have my dream car in Brazil due to some relaxation in our (in) famous bureaucracy, but at very high price. I own too Mark IV, a 72 and a 73. The 72 is all original (including paintwork), white with brown interior/top and very low original mileage (70K), while the 73 need some carburetor work. I own also a 72 TBird (same body) and other Fords of the same period.

As the person that posted initially, I am too a son and a grandson of Ford fans, so Ford is in my genes...

18th May 2011, 12:38

Does that Lincoln have a toggle switch for the headlights? I brought a 1972 Lincoln to Germany from the USA in 1994. I sold it to a German couple about 1996-1997.

I loved that car. It was black on black with black interior. The chrome bumpers were a little scratched and the passenger side has been repaired. There was no chrome stripping along the passenger side of the vehicle due to damage done to that side of the car.

It would be nice to know she is still on the road. It was the only Lincoln I saw there during my six years in country. I drove that car to Sicily twice, Amsterdam numerous times and all over Germany.

Enjoy that car... she is a beauty.

Doc Holliday.

20th Jun 2012, 19:31

Wondering if anyone had any suggestions for restoring the vinyl roof? It's in pretty good condition, as grandma kept it under a carport, but it is a little faded, and I'd like to bring it back.

Thanks in advance.

21st Jun 2012, 17:00

Years ago they used to make either a polish or wax that was for vinyl roofs. I don't know if you can get it any more, as they haven't made those for a long time.

1st Apr 2013, 15:50

I am the guy who opened the thread.

Thanks for all your comments and experience reports with your Mark IVs and big T-Birds!

After now 8 years and adding 20,000 miles to it, I still own the car, it runs fine, it is in nice, like-new condition and has seen its 40th birthday in 2012. It will surely also see its 50th in ten years down the road, because these cars were made fine.

3rd Aug 2013, 06:26

Some of the younger people don't take into consideration the incredible amount of nuclear or coal energy that's consumed by building cheap, throw away cars. Sure, the older car uses more fuel, may not be as environmentally clean, but if one looks at the green footprint of buying a new Asian car, taking in consideration the fuel consumed moving the raw materials and the finished product to the buyer, a product that may last a few years before hitting the scrap yard, then I must ask: Is it really green to go green?

3rd Aug 2013, 12:41

Like most people commenting on these cars, I love them and will defend them til I die. I owned a '76 Mark IV lipstick about 5 years ago and she was in rough shape; had seen too many Canadian winters.

Last week I finally found one for sale after searching for 2 months. It's another '76, not a collector's, but it has most options including factory moon roof and dual exhaust. 90,000 miles, originally sold in California, purchased by a Belgian fellow who was associated with the Belgian cycling team at the time. I learned my car was transported to Belgium and used as a support car in the Tour de France a few times in the late 70's.

Eventually it was transported to Vancouver Island, where I now live, and retired into storage and only used for 5,000 miles over the last 8 years. It's got rust forming under the vinyl top and the interior is a little sun beat, but otherwise it's in excellent condition.

This car will be kept for a long, long time and brought back to the condition it deserves to be in, and I hope any surviving examples get the same treatment. It's nice to see a few more folks who appreciate them like I do.


6th Aug 2013, 16:06

Of course not. The movement is just corporate marketing and idiotic activism at its best. The government supports it and wants us to support it because it gives them much more control over our energy supply. Once that happens, prepare to really be shilling out for gas...