18th Jun 2006, 16:36

I bought this car as my first car. I'm 17 and when I looked for my first car, I don't know why, but I was drawn in by the '72 Lincoln. It is honestly, a "Honey for the Money".

I have had it for a year and even though it is 34 years old, I never have had to repair anything mechanical.

The past owners had scratched the windshield with the wiper blades and stripped out the windshield wiper button.

The Arm rests are cracked and I have managed to reattach one and now am working on the 2nd.

Other than that, it's been fairly easy to work on.

Spark plugs were easy to spot and replace.

Oil changes are relatively easy (not as easy as my friends Cordobas)

My friends and I argue about our cars. I have multiple benefits that I gloat about. Bragging rights would be:

Duel Exhaust with Cherry Bomb Glass packs.

Majority of car is stock.

Transmission and engine that are also used in Ford's heavy trucks (7.5L V-8 and C-6 Tranny)

The major thing that I show off, which is what I argue about most of the comments, is the gas mileage. Everyone says it gets poor mileage. Well, for a car, yes your right. I have managed to lighten the car and let it breathe easy and I am able to squeeze 17mpg out of that bad boy!!

That is better mileage than many people's trucks and SUVs. In fact, my Lincoln will go further on a tank of gas than will my parent's Jeeps.

Power is nice for stock engine and parts. As mentioned in earlier comments, it's amazing feature is the fact you can get a 5,000lb Beast over 120mph! Lincoln made an oops, and didn't put a big enough speedometer on that monster!

For winters, I will store it and I am looking at buying a Crown Vic from the Court House :D.

Everyone that owns this beautiful car, that gives such a smooth and quiet ride, I say, "We made a fantastic car choice!!!" Let's not let the gas companies ruin our fun, Bring back the 70's!! I don't want to be robbed of style and fun and be forced to purchase these newer Pop can cars.

12th Sep 2006, 01:15

I own a 1952 Ford Customline (see review). My sister and brother-in-law own a red 1973 Mark IV with white vinyl roof and red leather interior. The car also features an 8-track player! I had the privilege to get behind the wheel of this Mark IV on different occasions over the last 2 years. Needless to say that the ol' Customline is a tractor compared to the Lincoln when you drive it :-) The power-brakes and power-steering get me every time I drive the Mark IV. That's something you really have to get used to and be aware of when you get to drive one of these beauties for the first time.

To all you Mark IV owners out there: you have every reason in the world to be proud of this car and be extremely satisfied with it. Keep 'em rolling.

(ps: I hope you won't suffer any electric-system failures. My brother-in-law has some problems with the tail-lights and it drives him nuts!) A.W. (The Netherlands)

2nd Jan 2007, 18:05

I would like to say to all of you who own one of these classic beauties! Keep right on caring for them, like I do.

I have own quite a few cars in the last 20 years, and many of them were Lincolns, and Caddy's! I have to say after all is said and done, my 73 Mark IV is probably my favorite! I have owned 3 Mark V's (77, 78, and 79) and this car is better built and rides like a big American LUXURY car should, and has yet to provide me with a reason to repair it!

I purchased the car from a Charity for $500.00 and then found out the history, it was a 1 owner (in the same family since 1973, passed down through 3 generations) and the grandson didn't want her, so he donated it to the Charity here in Spokane, WA, the car was there for about 4 days, and that is when I saw her, her Big, Bold, Beautiful, chrome front clip, and I was Hooked! She is White with Blue top and interior. She is in Pristine condition with only 87000 miles and looks just like she rolled off the Showroom floor just yesterday, I fell in love right there, and then! I drove her home!!

For those of you that think she is an obsolete relic, you may be right, but she is like the Automobiles' Marilyn Monroe!! and I will gladly take her out for a ride any day, over these cheap imitations that are built today!!

I currently own 4 autos; 1974 Super Beetle Convertible. (Restored to Original), 1989 Pontiac Bonneville SSE (junk, always needs something), 1999 Chevy Suburban (for winter driving and towing - Service engine light came on just yesterday), and 1973 Mark IV (never has a problem).

I wish that the car manufacturers were made to make them like this again! But that would put them out of business!!! You wouldn't have to buy a car unless you wanted to, instead of replacing it because you can't afford to fix it any more!!

Spokane, WA.

17th Apr 2007, 06:04

I am currently being tempted to get my hands on a white 1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV. It is crusty, but has a full option package including the power roof. I am sick with lust and want and everything a car like this does to a guy like me. I hope I can get it.

I drove a 1976 Continental Town Car in high school. It was rural Texas in the late 80's. We stuffed 18 people in it one evening after band practice. It backfired quite a bit.

I currently own a triple black 1979 Continental Town Car. The last of the breed. The 400 is docile, but does not have the refinement and guts of the 460. There is also that disgusting feeling of flush toilet fuel induction as you open the back barrels with the ac on max. Kinda like wearing fur to the zoo.

I highly recommend replacing points and coil with an electronic retrofit system. Irons out the idle and makes these cars behave the way they should. Gives a little extra mpg and cleans the burn as well.

Neoclassic 70's era Lincolns (starting with the late 60's Mark III) are the greatest big bodied Americans that were ever made. Back then it was all about the luxury liner. Swooping, speeding cathedrals that make todays idea of luxury look like the polystyrene ice chests that they are.

Cadillac was king of the road, but the Lincoln rode in the clouds.

23rd Jun 2007, 15:22

I would have never thought of a Lincoln as my first "Classic" but a friend of mine in the business found a 73 Mark,and I was smitten.

As much as it pained me after owning "Hazel" (look at the front of the 73 Mark sales piece and you see what I mean), I realized that she would never be back at her peak, too many Northern Ohio winters. So I started a search for a more solid beginning point, I now have a 72 white on white, that needs more cosmetic work, but is about 95% rust free. Then the impossible happened, I saw "My Car", and I am working feverishly to put it all together. 1972 White on White, Brown interior, and best of all needs no work. So in a little over two years I'm about to get my "Dream Car" #3, The Mark lV is a real head turner. Lincoln did it right with the Mark lV.