29th Jul 2007, 20:00

I bought my Mark IV about a year ago... it is quite possibly the most perfect car in the world. I can think of nothing else that trumps it. It is a beautiful combination of elegance, power and the best engineering that Ford had in the 70's. the only mechanical problems I had were my power steering lines needed replacing when I first bought it. Besides shelling out $70 a week for premium gas... I will not here a word against this cherished relic. Get'em while there still around, I see a lot of them getting scrapped.

1st Aug 2008, 12:58

I love my 1976 Lincoln Mark IV. It is a lipstick and white. White paint and a lipstick red half top and red premium side moldings.

It is so loaded, but I wish it had the trailer towing package,that gives it a tighter ride.

It has 31,000 original miles on it.

I think it is a very beautiful car; the deep dish aluminum rims are mirror polished. I wish I could get a set of dual banded white wall tires for it. That is what came on this car.

For all of you Mark IV lovers out there, enjoy your car, it is so pretty from every angle.

There will never be another car made like this chrome beauty. I love all the chrome and stainless on the Landau top.

13th Aug 2008, 19:20

It's almost scary when I read this. I live in the States and I am the exact same way!

When I was 17 (almost 3 years ago) I bought a dark blue Mark IV and have the duel exhaust with cheery bombs.

Two of my friends own Cordobas. One is a '76 and the other is a '79. My friend with the '76 also owns a '75 New Yorker. (The ironic part is he is a huge fan of Chevy and his daily driver is a Grand Marquis, which we all know is a fellow Ford).

I was trying to buy a retired Vic as well from the local court house. However, my parents gave me the '98 Jeep and they bought a '04 Jeep. And Yes, when you let this monster breathe and lighten it up, you obtain 17mpg and travel further than the older Jeeps. This Spring, I had sold the '98 and bought a 2002 Lincoln Continental.

My '72 has been problem free (except for an expensive $4 radiator hose). The previous owner also scratched up the windshield with the wipers on mine. My arm rests are cracked, except mine are totally shot.

Reading your story was scary as you can imagine because, I am the very exact same! Weird eh?

If you'd like to see my '72, go on Youtube and search for "Revving the Lincoln". Crazy Minnesotans we are!


29th Sep 2008, 00:28

Well, figured I'd throw in my 2 cents as well. When I was 16, I fell in love with a green on green '69 Mark III, but my dad said, "that's too much car for you". So after graduation and turning 18, I went looking, but too no avail. I ended up with a '81 Sedan DeVille instead, and although it was buetiful and was a visually perfectly conditioned car, it was a mechanical basket case. Fast forward to the age of 25 and I just bought my first Lincoln, a '76 Mark IV. Saddle and white package and she is loaded with everything possible except a moon roof. Shes pretty rough around the edges, but I don't care, and its now been my everyday driver for a month. I have a '03 S-10 truck with great gas mileage just sitting at home, I'm having too much fun in the Mark. Lowered the car 5" and will install a set of 22" wheels in spring. But that's it. Everything else will stay stock, because everything else is fine the way it is. But I do need some trim parts (bumpers etc.) so if anyone knows of some in a junk yard anywhere near southern pa, let me know @ bsmminitruckin@aol.com thanks guys, cruise on.

29th Sep 2008, 21:55

If you have no luck in the junkyards, definitely check out www.lincolnlandinc.com!!

19th Oct 2008, 20:56

I bought a 72 Thunderbird back in 76 from an old lady in Birmingham miles.. to me that was the coolist car on the plant. Good stereo, fast from 50 to 100mph, cruised down the freeway like nothing else.

Hit a creek crossing on a dirt road a little too fast, kept driving until the cops pulled us over for excessive smoke, I drove it into the ground, I was only 21, sorry.

Flash forward 20 years, found a 72 Lincoln at a customers house from California. Needed work, but was all there. Bought it for 1700.00, had the body fixed and repainted. I had more fun taking that car on trips across country than I can tell ya about.

Carb float started sticking when I let my sister from California use it during a visit. Parked it for a year. Very recently some low life stole it. Long story. Got it back, but I barely saved it from the scrapyard.

It's sitting in my driveway looking very bad, they cut the radio out with a pair snipes, the gas tank's in the truck, you get the picture.

I hope I get some restitution so I can replace it. Mark IVs rule.

Jerry, Detroit miles.

3rd Aug 2009, 04:15

Hi, I'm Chris from France and I appreciate the comments here about that marvelous car!

I've got a 74 mark IV completely restored, it's a original buff colour with a dark brown top.

I like it so much, it's one of my favorite cars.

Have fun!

19th Dec 2009, 17:38

I own a 73 Mark, and I love it. I never, ever seen one on the street. Car is very rare and gets lots of attention.

20th Dec 2009, 19:47

A Mark IV in Germany? That's pretty cool!

22nd Dec 2009, 19:30

I also own a 1973 Mark IV, which I purchased over 6 years ago - Silver Metallic with a Silver leather interior and a Moon Roof.

Yes it runs rough until warm, but is a great Sunday driver, sometimes over 300Km (180 miles) and is a great head turner. I am the 3rd owner, second family as the original owner Amtracked it to Florida for the first 4 winters and then sold it to his brother-in-law who kept it until his passing, when I purchased it from the estate. He always put it away from our Canadian winters!!

I'm 63 and hope to keep her as long as I can - to 80 or longer!!!

29th Jan 2010, 13:38

As the guy who opened this thread, I want to tell you that the Mark is still fine, runs great, has just received a new dual exhaust, and I still love this great car. Unfortunately cars like this will never be made again. So let's thoroughly take care of ours.

I very much appreciate the inspiring comments and reports from you all. You see, these great cars are not only cared for in America. Keep going, I want to hear from you.

A few weeks ago, the Lincoln got a new little brother, a 1971 Mustang Mach 1, which I just started to take apart for restoration. But that's another story...

21st Nov 2010, 13:00


It's very fine to keep these cars alive.

I've also got a Mark IV from 1972 with only original 17,000 miles. I'm the second owner since 20 years. Where did you purchase your dual exhaust, my Mark IV has a single one and I would like to replace it by a dual.