1999 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Classic 1.6 petrol


Still going very strong at 250,000kms/155,000 miles


- New battery in 2011, original one until then.

- Thermostat broke at 242,000kms, which overheated the engine. I didn't realize it at the time, and drove in traffic some 5kms. All this didn't affect at all the engine or compression, and all the functioning is perfect to date.

- Headlights bulbs. Normal wear.

- Broken boot cover fixtures.

- Transmission selector changed at 245,000kms.

- Gear knob is very peeled off.

- Changed wiper-lights lever at 220,000kms.

- Changed front shock absorbers at 247,000kms. Normal wear.

- Changed tyres some 3 or 4 times, of course. Normal wear.

- Engine accessories band, changed 3 times. Normal wear.

- Engine accessories pulleys, changed 2 or 3 times too. Normal wear.

- Changed brake discs 2 times, normal wear.

General Comments:

This car is amazingly durable and reliable. The engine functions as it did when new. I go on the autobahns 3 times a week for 200kms each time, and I can go very safely at 160-180kms/hr, even with 250,000kms on the clock.

The engine feels as it will give easily some 250,000kms more. I'll write about it if it does...

Never had the "F" problem on dashboard that I have read about in some of the surveys; maybe because it is a simple manual, and not an automatic. My mechanic says, automatics did give some trouble.

Very safe suspension reactions, stability is very good. I prefer by far the reactions on this A-Class, to those of the W202 C-Class; much more predictable.

Acceleration, compression, and engine sound, which by the way is quite silent and smooth; all are like new.

I have used this car to carry even furniture, and wood.

I have spent far less money on this car, that what I have on a Golf, and a Toyota with less kms, and a little more than with a previous 190E.

This is a good Mercedes-Benz in all the basic attributes of a Mercedes: reliability, durability and safety.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2012