1985 Nissan Sunny B11 1.5


Frugal and reliable scuff-proof veteran performer


Almost no problems at all, especially no serious problems.

Clutch has become a little vibrating during move-off.

Wind-noise might be a little softer.

General Comments:

This car works almost like new!

If you can get one, take it!

Many tiny technical details that are not self-evident for cars of that age, like adjustable wiper interval, door-open indicator, lights-on warning tone, rev-meter, circulating air, low fuel indicator, two separate direction indicators on the dashboard, rear fog lamps on both sides, etc.

Innovative trays at the inner doors.

Convenient seats.

Moderate fuel consumption (approx. 29-33 miles per gallon, depending on how you drive).

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Review Date: 15th June, 2002

7th Jul 2002, 03:35

I know these cars are just great. I own the Sunny DX and I've got it now for 2 years. He is also running like new.

30th Aug 2002, 21:51

I own a 1991 model Nissan Sunny EX-Saloon 1.4L. I have driven this car for over a year and comparing it's features and accessories like power mirror, factory door lock, door central lock and power windows for all 4 located at the driver door panel nicely located within reach, comparing with Korean cars today, lose out on many features. The only disadvantage is that old cars tend to have some problems and having a good mechanic helps a lot. I'm not sure about new Nissan's after reading about the bad experiences, but resale values of Nissan cars in Singapore seems to be dropping and many Nissan cars within 3 years old seem to be on sale.