27th Dec 2002, 12:00

Hi, my name is Joe from Malta. I own a Nissan B11. All I have to say is that for 19 years with a 110,000 miles record this car is still running like new.

24th Jul 2003, 01:20

Like the previous commentators, I really like Sunny B11. It's a pity that Nissan makes them no more! It's an ideal car; reliable, comfortable, beautiful and affordable, and fuel consumption is very low. B 11 is easy to repair, unlike most cars of the new millennium. I have had one for years (227 000 km total) and only some normal problems have occurred. I live in Finland, where winters are long, and the road salt has caused some rust problems (esp. around back wheels), but even most areas of the original paint layer are like new! This car is like a dream!

3rd Mar 2004, 18:17

I live in Ireland and have got a 1983 Sunny with 210k on it, it has never let me down and always starts first turn of the key. The Sunny must be one of the best cars ever made and in fairness I do not think there is a bad thing can be said about them.

25th Dec 2004, 05:56

Hai... I own B11 and still doing very fantastic job... i proud having it although some parts may found faulty, but ironic it still manage to run to a safer place.. happened to me 3 months ago while on the way to work..lucky.It's old machine, but it's very reliable thrust me... Good work to B11 team engineers.

23rd Sep 2005, 09:10

Love the B11 1.5l carb engine.. in Finland it gets -25'c or more.. hadn't ran the sunny for a couple of weeks and wanted to see if it'd start.. well, it did. just pushed the gas pedal to the floor a couple of times and took my foot off the pedal. turned the key and it started to run like it would've been under a palm tree :).

B11 is reliable, cost efficient, easy to repair machine with not much problems at all. some rust fixes must be done due to salting and sanding here (ice is slippery you know).

And the best thing: the heater REALLY works. takes just a few minutes to get it to +20'c from -30'c :)

25th Nov 2005, 02:12

Hi, my name is terry and I from TRINIDAD I am also lucky to own a B11 FOR TWO YEARS in top condition (1985 modle).I would like to hear from other owners, and get some tips on tuning "HIM" Up please contact me at...terrymohammed786@yahoo.com.

15th Dec 2005, 09:00

I have owned a Sunny B11 since 2000, I got it with 122000 km on it. This car has run great for the last 70000 km. Recently, I developed carburetor problems - The car won't idle, changed the switch, but nothing has changed. Does anyone out there have a solution for me. I have realised they do not make new ones anymore!!

My contacts are <charliz16@yahoo.co.uk>

8th May 2006, 00:58


I have a B11 since 2000. Now 6 years with me. It's an affordable car with less problems. It does have a value for the money spent on it.

Now I have problem with the Rack. I did an Rack repair (2 Rack Ends, 2 TIE rods, 2 Rack Bush).. but still some hard sound comes... so I thought of changing the lower arm bush too...

My one is Manual 4 speeds.. HB11... 1985 with A/C..

Has an electronic carburetor which is the last carburetor series for B11.. comes with a solenoid for A/C idle Up (not a diaphram) and another solenoid for the HeadLamp...

18th Jun 2006, 09:37

My name is Birgen. I too have a 1987 B11. It's a fantastic car in terms of fuel economy. It performs pretty good on the road, unfortunately its grounded at the moment due to finances.

27th Aug 2006, 12:28

I owned 2 nissan b11, one in 1983 and another in 1992. perfect car in low fuel comsuption, low cost maintenance.

12th Jun 2007, 07:20

I got a B11 at the beginning of 2007. I need to know weak points of the car.

11th Jul 2007, 11:19

Hi...my name is Izat and I own a 1989 B11. I'm from Kuala Lumpur.. Malaysia. I'm own this B11 almost 8 years and she give such a small problem (I guess so...) but still I'm in love this car. My B11 used 1.5 block, but still stuck with 1.3 carb. My top end is 180kmh...don't believe me? But it true... My B11 is for sprint purpose...:) anyway, I love my B11 so much.

25th Aug 2007, 02:38

I own a Nisssan B11 Station Wagon. The engine knocked (no fault of the car!) I want to put another engine and do other repairs to the car. Can someone tell me if this is worth the cost?

5th Nov 2007, 08:28

I owned 2 Nissan B11 in Ipoh, Malaysia. One in 1983 and one in 1992. So far very nice, the B11 1983 was better than the B11 1992, don't know why?

8th Dec 2007, 07:41

Hi, I am Cheupe from Kenya. I have a Sunny Nissan B11 Station Wagon, 1.5 engine and a 5 Speed Transmission. It is a great car; it takes on the highway like a brand new car, is quite economical on fuel and also very reliable. Repair and maintenance are also quite cheap. It is quite fast, with surprisingly fast acceleration, but feels rather light and unsteady at high speed (above 140kph!). Original engine still standard... no recondition yet, I guess the only weak point is windows squeaking and the boot door rattles (but hey! what do you expect from a twenty-two year old car?)

I love this car.

18th Dec 2007, 15:51

Hello to you all, my name is Martin and I`m from Bulgaria. I own B11 from 1985 and I think that`s a unbelievable car! Very iconomicle and strong! The speed I reach is above 175 km/h!!! I`ll never sale this car.

22nd Jan 2008, 20:20

I am from Trinidad, I just paid down $5000TT on a B11. I was a little worried about the purchase, but reading these reviews I feel secure in my purchase. Its cost me $10,000TT in total. That's about $1,700USD. The only problem I noticed with the car is the brake peddle is a little stiff. But that should be minor. Thank you to everyone who took there time to leave a comment.

10th Mar 2008, 19:12

I'm from trinidad and would not trade my b11 for anything else.

Very economical and "faithful".

I would tell anyone who is thinking about buying one to do so.

12th Mar 2008, 20:07

Hi, I'm Telmo from Uruguay, a nice tiny slice of land between Argentina and Brazil, and I've just bought a 17-year-old A/C equipped B11 sedan in pretty good condition which must still wait in a parking lot for 2 more days untill the legal paper work is through... In a country where taxes are rather high (VAT rate is 22%, so a std. new B16 Sentra costs over U$S 17,000) you won't be surprised to know that I paid 4,700 for the car!

The 1.5 litre, carburetor fed engine, as well as the original 5-speed manual T/A have been rolling for more than 180,000 Km, but after a short test drive the unit feels fairly nice and smooth (mainly after having driven a 1973 1302-Beetle for about 9 years!).

Really hope I eventually confirm your very good comments on this model! Bye!

22nd Mar 2008, 03:48

Iam from tobago an have a wicked b11 1985 it have 17 wheels.