1986 Opel Corsa LS 4 door 1.2s


Just perfect


Only small electrical problems.

General Comments:

Excellent car in every way. I wish I could buy it as new today.

Extremely reliable, never needed roadside assistance, never broke down. Even with the hard way that I worked with it!

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Review Date: 26th December, 2014

2003 Opel Corsa Excellence 1.2


Generally good, but very disappointing gearbox


Have had continuous trouble with the gear box (which my son, who purchased the same car one month after me, also has.) Often unable to engage first gear, especially first thing in the morning.

Indicator lights flash erratically, most times too quickly, sometimes correctly. Seems to depend on the temperature outside. None of the bulbs need changing, but the Opel representative is unable to find and fix the problem permanently.

General Comments:

Apart from the above problems, like the feel of the car, it is just the right size for a town with very narrow streets and few parking places.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2009

19th Jan 2011, 05:55

Hey. It sounds like a bad earth on one of the tail lamps. Turn on the lights and turn on indicators to see if one of the lamps starts to flash unusually. Most times it's the back lamps. If not try replacing the indicator relay.

2004 Opel Corsa 1.2


Very dangerous


Gear Selection.

The Easytronic gear selection system after certain revs stalled and the engine died out.

After repairing it the same thing continued to happen only this time even when I reversed, or when the car was doing 100 kilometers per hour.

General Comments:

The car looked nice and comfortable and easy to drive especially with the Easytronic gearbox system. I only chose that system because my other car is automatic and is very comfortable to drive in traffic. The Easytronic system is not working at all properly and it is extremely dangerous to drive at 100 + and suddenly realise that the engine turns off automatically.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2006

4th Jan 2010, 06:35

2 words for the Opel Corsa - 'Money Pit'.

Bought a 2004 two years ago, and so far switches have gone and had to be replaced, costing around €70 altogether.

It was recalled back to the garage cos something was wrong with the brakes!

The engine went; had to wait 8 months (yes 8!) to find a new workable one (cost €800 for the engine alone). Only had it back 20 days and the gearbox is gone! I am a mother who drives my child around in this, so I am not driving the hell out of it! Can't wait to get rid of it. Any takers??

2003 Opel Corsa Choice 1.4 16v 90hp petrol


Quite decent actually


The car is 1,5 years old; nothing to report; everything has been OK so far.

General Comments:

I have been using this car for 20,000 km. I have bought it new, a base model, no ABS / EBD, just prior to the Opel release of their TwinPort engine version. The more electronics you've got on, the most likely something will go wrong.

I assumed that their current model would be a ripe debugged mechanical design; since their 16V 1.4 engine motor had been in the market for almost 6 years. To this point I have had no mechanical problems. The engine efficiency is quite good. I am ordinarily getting 6,5 lit / 100km.

Performance for the 1.4 90hp engine? The car weighs 1.100 kg; It is rather heavy for this engine. The previous model scored much better in acceleration, because it was lighter.

Road grip is very much improved compared to the previous model. High speed cruising is quite stable too.

Comfort? Look to french rivals for that. The seats are stiff and uncomfortable. Noise? Rough and felt over 4.000 rpm; with 5th gear that is 135 km/hr, bellow that it is OK; I can live with that.

Service cost? Service intervals are every 30,000 km, double to the previous model. Generally speaking, opels are rather expensive to maintain in Greece.

It is quite roomy for its size. I had a very consciencious decision among cars like Honda Jazz, VW Polo, Ford Fiesta, Daihatsu YRV and Fiat Punto and this model. It was a compromise between value for money, performance, room, and previous owner experience with the Opel brand.

On the whole, if the car maintains its reliability, I would consider it a decent purchase, worth the 12,400 Euro I shelled for it.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2005

22nd Dec 2005, 06:02

I have a Holden Barina (rebadged Corsa). Fuel economy in the city and town driving is very good - for high speed country driving, it's not so good. Seats are only comfortable for a few hours. After 24 hours, they're not at all comfortable. Inside space for seating is good - space once the back seat is down is very good - I've carried a clothes dryer and a small fridge with no problems. Brakes good even without ABS, aircon good, but struggles in very hot times.

In general, a very good vehicle for around a town and city commuting, but not a long-legged interstate cruiser.

1997 Opel Corsa Swing 1.4 16v


A rather decent small car


At 12500 Km a leak from the car's refrigeration circuit was slowly draining the system of liquid. Needed liquid fill-up every 10 days;

The car's fridge was changed under guarantee; the problem recurred a year later. Final solution; a replacement plastic coated leak-prevention ring, at the tube connecting fridge and engine.

No other malfunction so far.

General Comments:

Fast car;

The build quality is good;

Good brakes;

Mediocre road grip;

Does not negotiate steep turns well.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2003