23rd Feb 2006, 07:13

Original reviewer: 1.5 year later, at 37500km the odometer LCD display died. Other than that just normal maintenance; spark plugs, air filter, regular oil changes.

5th Sep 2007, 14:51

Original reviewer. Sept. 2007, 50.000 Km, ordinary maintenance, no real problems. I expect to do a timing-belt change at 60.000 km. I still have the original Bridgestone tyres on the car.

15th Feb 2008, 09:22

Original reviewer. My Corsa is on 54,000 Km. I am satisfied with the overall performace. Fuel-wise, I am ordinarily registering 6.5 - 7 lit/100 Kms consumption. The only glitch I have to note is located in the rear drum system. When wet, they tend to stick (with handbrake on) and will not release when the handbrake is off. I will get this checked in the 60,000 km service job.

2nd Jun 2008, 12:13

Original reviewer:\

Reaching 60.000 Km, my 1st and 2nd gear (manual gearbox on this Corsa) have become quite stiff and hinder gear change - not a pleasant thing in traffic jams. The problem has been a plastic lever contraption that transfers the gear stick motion to the engine gear-set. Being made out of plastic (??? to prevent vibrations coming in from the engine bay???) it lost its precision grip and miss-aligned the gears. I am getting it changed. Newer Corsas (following 2003) have a metal lever set I believe. This is a known issue for this engine.

9th Aug 2008, 03:23

That is called a link to the gearbox. I have changed mine too.

24th Sep 2009, 09:20

Original reviewer again.

Timing belt changed at 60.000 Km as specified by the manufacturer.

Currently going at 78.000 km - synthetic oil gets changed every 15.000 km.

Tires changed at 68.000 with Continentals.

Rather disappointed. Something seems to be going wrong with my wheel balancing when going around 130km/hr. I'll get this settled soon.

Generally speaking no additional problems to report. Rather pleased with my ownership.

A great number of these car get a major and expensive failure on the steering rack. I was fortunate so far.

21st Jul 2011, 14:43

Original reviewer. Now at 93,000 km and 8 years of ownership, things seem OK. Minor cosmetic wear evident, like fabric 'bubbling' on the side door internal panels. Did wheel balancing, and wheel alignment checks. Otherwise, just standard maintenance.

30th May 2012, 03:03

I have only had my Corsa 6 months, and my engine is gone already. I was told my car had to be serviced at 90,000. I got the car at 80,000, but the timing chain was never done on it at 60,000 when it should of been. Now a month later, I'm still looking for an engine cracking.

26th Mar 2014, 14:10

Original reviewer - 98500 km.

The heating circuit on my lambda sensor died today. Got an emissions warning light.

Checked with ODBII reader; the lambda sensor does not work when cold starting. Scheduling a replacement installation.

Nothing more to report apart from regular and scheduled maintenance.