2003 Daewoo Kalos S 1.2


A very nice and comfortable family car for a surprisingly low price

General Comments:

Excellent comfort in its category.

Lots of room for the driver and passengers alike.

You almost have the commanding view of an SUV from the driver's seat (O.K. it is a view of a small SUV, but it is still an advantage in this category).

Very good base price, practical upgrades for favorable prices.

Economical operation and maintenance.

Large luggage compartment and easily folding rear seats (fold in 60:40).

Very nice appearance, good choice of colors.

The 1.2 engine is a little slow to react, but provides sufficient power for defensive drivers. It is not a sports-car anyway :-)

Controls and instrumentation are very practical and easy to handle.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2003

23rd Feb 2004, 09:00

A super car - agree with all your comments.

23rd Mar 2004, 07:37

I agree with everything you say about the Kalos. I have just bought one and am thrilled with it. Extremely comfortable, nice appearance, quiet engine, good overall view from drivers side.

Would recommend this car to anyone.

31st Mar 2004, 05:22

I agree with previous comments regarding the Daewoo Kalos, having just purchased a new kalos I was very impressed with the overall package.

I have a 1.2 engine under the bonnet which, to be honest lacks power, but hopefully once the engine has been 'run in' will improve.

I am also a bit disappointed in the fuel consumption, but again I hope will improve with time.

I am though very pleased with the cars comfort, the engine is very quiet and the seating position is very commendable.

Finally, I would add that the sales service was excellent both before, during and after purchase. This aspect is often overlooked when buying a car and in my view reflects the efforts Daewoo are putting into selling cars.

Graham Pywell.