1st Sep 2004, 10:56

Has anyone else had problems with a creaking sound coming from the rear right hand side of the new kalos?

1st Oct 2004, 13:34

I have had a Kalos since Dec 2003 very pleased with it. My Kalos has done nearly 10,000 miles a bit underpowered, but OK. Fuel consumption very good I reckon 50ish + on a run and 45 daily. Going in for a gearbox recall mine seems OK when its serviced 13/10/04. A good stylish car could do with some door protection strips, but good value.

22nd Oct 2004, 10:58

The 1.2 liters engine is probably OK, but you should have tried the 1.4 16V engine, which makes the little car quite fast, also good on the motorway. I have with it less than 10,000 miles, so it is not too much, I'm looking forward to descover it's reliability, if this exists, of course... No problems up to now, I hope it stays like this.

17th Dec 2004, 07:45

I have a 1.2 Kalos which has now done 30000 miles in one year. The car has been returned to the garage 3 times due to the engine management light illuminating. I have been given various reasons for this, but the problem happened again yesterday.

I also had the recall for the modification to the gear box, and after about 100 miles the casing to the gearbox leaked. This was due to the engineer over tightening the bolts!

I would be interested if other owners have encountered these problems.

22nd Jun 2005, 07:40

Did your car had any other problems or it was just that the check engine light was on? Did you experienced a lack of power and the engine trembling? We had similar problems in Romania with a few cars (1,4 DOHC 94HP engine), but all were resolved.

21st Jan 2006, 17:27

I have a 1.6 litre Chevy Aveo... same as the Kalos. I wish they would have offered the 1.2 or 1.4 here... but us fat Canadians need bigger engines I suppose, we are quite heavy as a nation afterall :P. The 1.6 takes the car to 100 km/h in about 10 seconds... not bad. I like my car quite a bit... the engine technology is dated, and the gearbox is loose, with long throws, but otherwise an overall good value. My Aveo has black metallic paint with the spoiler and dark tinted windows all around, and 16 inch rims... for the money it looks real sharp.

29th Jan 2006, 10:38

Hi, My mum has had her Kalos for almost 18 months now. Daewoo went bust over here in Australia about a year ago and now Holden has taken over the warranty side of things. Her Kalos is a brilliant car, being the 1.5ltr GM engine, its purrs along and she gets about 400km/30ltr of fuel. Quite efficient considering she is carting around 4 children. The only complaint is that the steering wheel wobbles at around 60km/h, I have had wheels balanced and aligned, and still nothing. In the 50,000km the car has done, I have replaced the front tyres 3 times already. Holden still haven't come up with any answers. But beside this one niggle, the car is a GEM! Highly recommended!

14th Nov 2006, 19:31

I bought a Chevy Aveo in 2004. After owning it for 2 years I am not at all pleased with it. There has been recalls on the rear seat belts, front control arms, and stabilizer bar bushing. Clock resets itself for no apparent reason. Brakes were tilted at wrong angle allowing rocks to get stuck between the bracke pad and rotor, when this happened the tires made this horrible squeaking noise, dealer had to fix this problem also. I've done much research, and am not the only one having problems with belts after 38000 miles. One family had to have the serpentine belt and pulley replaced before 50000 miles, my car might be in the same boat. Does anyone else have this many problems with this car also?

14th Dec 2006, 14:41

I purchased a 2 year old Daewoo Kalos 2 months ago.

It's a lovely car to drive, very spacious, but it lacks speed on motorways and have to change into 4th gear up slight and I mean slight inclines. In my other car and others I have owned I could cruise in 5th gear up slight hills, but not this one.

Mine also has a problem with fuel consumption, it is draining it lately.

Also in the high winds I have also had a problem with the wind buffeting the car. Its like being on a cushion of air and you can't do anything about it. It has frightened me to death lately especially when I can't always control it and steers me into the other lane, and I feel as if the car is going to blow over.

Does anyone else hae these problems with their kalos

How do I find out if my car has had a recall on it. I have seen that it was recalled, but don't know if mine has been fixed.

Other than my few gripes, I am very pleased with the Kalos, and would more than likely buy a bigger engine model, as I am not happy with the lack of power.

23rd Jan 2007, 15:20

Hi I wrote the comment in December.

Recently I was involved in an accident in the same car. I managed to stop hitting the car in front, but the car behind rear ended me and shunted me into the car in front.

Although the damage is only to the front and rear bumpers, front bonnet and boot, it has been written off its worth over £4,000 and is uneconomical to repair.

He told me that Daewoo kalos are supposed to crumble on impact, bearing in mind I was stationary and hit at 20mph from behind I'm totally surprised it has been written off. The drivers air bag didnt deploy either.

I am going to the dealership I purchased that car and see what they think.

16th Nov 2007, 07:28

I bought my 54 plate Kalos 2 months ago. I've now returned it to the garage twice. Initially, the engine management light came on, wouldn't go off, then the ABS light decided to play shall I, shan't I illuminate. Fortunately both were both fixed (under the warranty). The main headlamps have decided not to work now, and i've been told it maybe a problem with the switch. Fuel consumption is dire on long journeys, and the 1.2 definitely has no power. Apart from that, the car is cool x.

26th Nov 2007, 17:29

I live in Canada and I have an 2005 Aveo model, with 15000 km and the check engine light up twice. Once I went to the dealer and didn't found any reason. The second time c.e. light up and after a time disapeared. Now is on again.

Could someone know the possible reason (s)?

19th Apr 2008, 07:46

I have bought 4 year old Kalos last year. On two occasions, the airbag sign lit up and the mechanic said it is because of loose connection and fixed it

Then the engine light lit up. On the first occasion, the mechanics ran a diagnostic test and said it is problem with sensors and reset it.

On the second occasion, he ran another diagnostics and said there is "problem with misfiring of valves and it needs valve modification costing £800". I was shocked.

The car runs perfectly well.

Did anybody else had similar problems?