24th Apr 2009, 07:25

My Kalos is a 54 plate 1.4. Nice car and cute looking. Worthless and very hard to sell on, so brought a low mileage car hoping to keep for good few years.

Not over happy with it. Every one says the interior is poor, I'm an ex car sales executive and the interior is good! A lot better than some... but its suspension is always creaking when I go round a corner and the ABS light has been on 3 times.

2 sensors have gone, and now the cog near the CV boot is cracked causing horrible braking feeling. Not confident that nothing else won't go wrong either!

All these problems on a 17000 mile car. Like the car, but because of poor dealers and hard to get bits, I wouldn't buy another.

14th May 2009, 05:42

Hi, I have a Kalos 1.4 (04 reg) and my airbag light is on as already reported above. A friend of mine has the same problem with her Lanos. Running the electronic test cost her ca £70 and it was worthless as they couldn't find a solution.

In addition, and this really scares me, I will have my discs and pads (front wheels) changed for the third time in 5 months! They are under warranty. I hear a rattle when braking softly while at higher speed, both the pedal and the stirring wheel shake badly. Noise and vibration only occurs on braking. I can't find a cause for both disks getting warped at the same time, and the only thing I can think of is a faulty set of pads/disks. But what's the chance of three consecutive faulty sets? Last one only lasted 3 weeks... Mechanics have mentioned the hub and caliper, but how can they simultaneously fail for both wheels?

25th Feb 2010, 11:48

I have a Daewoo Kalos 03. I have the same problem with the air bag light coming on, and also when I brake, there is a strange noise like a spring going in a mattress... A friend checked it on his computer.. but nothing came up for either!! Also had to change the brake pads and discs twice... had it 2 years!!

26th Feb 2011, 06:14

Daewoo Kalos 14 16v sx 2004 model, has anyone had a problem with the cooling system over cooling?

I have had the thermostat changed and the fault persists, garage mechanic is scratching his head.

Temp when idling gets up to 88 deg, but when driven drops to 60 deg. The gauge also backs these readings up by showing the drop. Very baffling, any one help please?

16th Sep 2012, 05:26

Your ABS rings are broken; a bit expensive from main dealer. I repair them on a regular basis.

12th Jan 2013, 02:49

Change the ABS ring on the CV joint. I had the same problem, and this fixed it.

13th Oct 2013, 06:30

I bought a 2003 Daewoo Kalos last year. I have had to replace the front tyres three times, the brakes and discs twice, and my engine management light keeps coming on all the time after it has been checked, no faults showing, and reset again. Then after ten minutes it's back on again, and now it's losing power in fifth and fourth gear, and the engine sounds very rough and loud when driving at 60 and 70 mph. I'm fed up with this car, as it costs more and more to fix.

17th Dec 2013, 07:36

I have the same problem. Did you replace the complete set which included the joint, or just the joint?

21st Jan 2014, 18:42

Might be your front tires.

20th Sep 2014, 07:05

Hello, I have a 2004 Daewoo Kalos, which I bought 8 years ago and I love it. I have had only two problems.

The first one surfaced quickly, which is that the steering wheel shakes quite badly when I brake at higher speeds while travelling downhill. I had it checked out, but no fault was found.

The second one is that the tyres wear quickly on the front wheels. I've overcome that issue by having them rotated every 6 months.

Interestingly, the battery went flat this year. To the amazement of the guy who supplied the new one, it was the original battery - now over 9 years old!

17th Feb 2016, 18:51

I have a Daewoo Kalos and my engine check management light has been on and cleared, and my lambda sensor changed, which cost me £335, and today the light was flashing and then the whole car stopped.