1984 Suzuki Maruti LX 0.8


Best value for money in this hyped car market


This is an absolute beauty in respect of running costs and being troublefree. Has excellent carrying ability when used with a limited load of say 2-4 persons on city roads. But the air conditioning is weak when fully loaded. A little difficult in extreme hot weather but could be excellent for cold climes.

General Comments:

Value for money. Used ones are available at 400 UK pounds in India, a throwaway price.

1984-85 models were built mostly in Japan and are better built.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2000

30th Sep 2001, 00:47

Dear readers.

I am French and believe it or not I am the proud owner of a Maruti 800, very few in France!

I love it and it is great, but it just let me down this week.

I have a problem with the engine starter and I am looking for help, could you give me advice?

The starter does not kick in, I checked the electric motor, it is OK, but the electromagnet doesn't move into position.

I do not know if the problem comes from the starter electromagnet or the ignition key switch.

I am looking for some info regarding the electric circuit or an explanation on cabling of the starter.

Thank you very much for your help.