23rd Jun 2003, 05:21

A continuous problem with the starter since one year. Just bought a Suzuki maruti 800- year 2002.

Thanks for your answer.

Andrew Gordon.

5th Jul 2004, 19:01

Dear friends:

I bought a brand new Suzuki Maruti here in Chile on November 1996. It has 120,000 km in it and still is working very well. It has been mainly used in the city, with a couple of trips in dirt roads and a few long trips (500 km) on standard highways. After using it for almost 7.5 years, I am in general happy with it. I am ready to sell it and get a new Maruti.

Here are a few specific comments:

1.- Engine is a beauty. This particular model was equipped with Multi Point Fuel Injection. Fuel consumption was always around 5 liters/100 km. So far, no problems with the motor. Distribution belt was replaced at the scheduled time.

2.- Gear box: Another piece of machinery that has been working very well. Gears are easy to engage. So far, the only problem has been oil leakage through some of the seals. Seals replaced.

3.- Steering system: Had problems with the ball joints. They wore out quickly. Had to replace one side.

4.- Wheel hubs: Had a bad experience trying to remove one of the nuts holding the wheel: the threaded stud was not installed properly into the wheel hub, and started to spin with the nut. This forced me to take the car to a shop and have them remove the nut from the spining stud using special tools and lots of creativity. Along the process, we discovered that another couple of studs were also loose in the hub. At this point, I decided to remove all the original studs and replace them with properly installed new studs.

5.- Body work: Very good, no problems with corrosion or paint deterioration.

6.- Electrical system: One major problem: the connector that connects the generator to the electrical system melted one day. This caused the battery to die in the middle of a trip, without any warning. I had to be hauled to a shop, where they replaced the burnt connector. No more problems.

7.- Clutch: It works very well when driving forward. It has a funny mild jerking when going in reverse.

31st Jan 2005, 19:03

Hi guys. Well I was very much astonished to find that the Suzuki Maruti 800cc is driven in countries like France and Chile, but felt sad about the Malta guy; well he is trying his best, and I feel he loves his car, and so do I.

What I want to say is, I have not faced any problems with the car in the last 8 years. I am in Chandigarh in India, and so have privilege of very good service network, but sorry pals, I am facing a problem with the most basic thing; the clutch in my car. I got it fixed with three main dealers in Chandigarh, but the clutch condition is not improving.

Otherwise the car is in showroom condition... sparing loss in pick-up, most probably due to clutch slip or clutch adjustment problem.

I think I need factory people for the job to be done correctly. So far dealers and company service points have been unsuccessful.. despite of huge expenditure and bills I paid for the clutch.

Happy motoring happy Maruti.

12th Apr 2006, 04:44

Hi guys.

I'm writing from Kenya. I bought a second hand Suzuki Maruti alto two months ago. The car is a 1995 model, 5 speed with 84884 km on the clock. What pulled me to the car, given that I'm the owner of three other cars, all Toyota's, is the compactness of the body and engine performance, which is still very superb, despite being on Kenyan roads, which can easily rate among the worst. Highway cruise is fantastic, hitting up to 130kph with ease.

But I'm disappointed that in that short span, and having replaced the suspension after buying the car, I have replaced the ball-joints twice within 1800km. The suspension wobbles every short while after fixing. Tyres wear out unevenly, even after couple of alignments. Gear no 3 is giving me problems, and fellow Maruti owners complain of a similar fix with the gearbox.

I love the car very much, and I welcome any good advice on how to solve these teething problems.

22nd Jun 2006, 06:16

My Zen VXi:

After the service, the same complaints were there except the brake fluid leakage, and there were oil leaks from the engine, no pulling at all and the steering was very tight, so that the steering wheel wouldn't come back after taking a turn. The steering wheel was so tight that the vehicle can take a circle even after the driver has removed their hands from the wheel. The tak-tak noise from the front right suspension/tyre while driving through potholed roads was still there.

Again the vehicle was given to a service center to rectify the problem. After finishing the work, while taking a test drive, I felt the vehicle turns to the right smoothly, but, turning to the left is difficult as if the power steering works only while turning to the right. The supervisor felt that too, and told me to bring the vehicle the next day. And again I took the vehicle to the service center, and after doing some work, the vehicle was delivered to me and the same problems were there.

There and then I contacted the customer care manager. He told me that they can’t do anything as the power steering is an electronic component, and it can go wrong anytime anywhere, and they can’t take responsibility for that, even if the damage caused was while the vehicle was in custody of the service center.

19th Nov 2006, 23:16

I am a Maruti owner from Malta. Does anyone have a web location so I could download the service manual for this car? Year 1986.

26th Jun 2007, 03:36

I have a 2002 Maruti 800 from India. I want to know where can I download a technical manual?



26th Jul 2007, 02:31

I am an owner of a Maruti 800 model 1. Can you tell me where I can download the service manual of my Maruti 800? Thanks.


Malta (EU)

30th Nov 2007, 01:54

I hope to buy a Suzuki Maruti second hand. I am in Nairobi Kenya. Can anyone tell me the average cost in USD, or even better, KSH? My email is info@dataperfect.co.ke

4th Dec 2007, 07:53

I have had a Maruthi 800 in India since 2002. It was my first car, the one in which I learnt driving also and I just love the car. Now that I have driven a lot of others, somehow I do feel it is best handling car for me. I just feel part of the car somehow and I am confident to drive it anywhere because I know where it is going and at what speed it is going.. Very important in India :)

A new M800 would cost close to 5000 USD (200,000 Indian Rupees) in India. Second hand one, well my car would get me around 3000-3500 USD in my opinion.

13th Mar 2009, 04:12

Hello all.

I have a Maruti 1991 in Portugal and it's the best car I have ever had. Bought it 2 years ago for €240 it and runs perfectly.

If you have one don't sell it!!

2nd Nov 2010, 06:54

I like the Maruti 800, it's nice driving, but I have a query about Maruti spares. IS THERE ANY THING THE MARUTI COMPANY is doing to control against counterfeit abuse?

MBUCHA from Isiolo, KENYA.