2008 Chery QQ GX petrol


This car deserve more applause than its price


Power windows jammed at 10.000.

Gearshift cable, replaced at 38.000.

Alternator blown out at 41.000.

Headlight bulb out (RH side) at 42.000.

Power steering oil pipe leaks at 44.000.

Reverse light switch does not work at 45.000.

General Comments:

Simple, easy to drive, easy on the pocket, fair performance and fairly equipped (A/C, disc player, power windows, power steering etc).

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Review Date: 19th September, 2012

5th Dec 2014, 10:39

The Chery QQ3 has been the worst driving experience of my life.

In 100 000km the car was off the road three months of every year.

The alternator was replaced three times. The battery twice.

The HT leads are going for a third round now.

The heads had to be skimmed, and the water pump replaced etc etc etc.

The car was bought at a retail price of R63 000, and has cost over R40 000 in maintenance over 100 000 km.

I will not recommend this brand to anyone, and will never invest in the Chery brand myself again.

This is the most disappointing brand of vehicles I have ever had the misfortune of driving.