1st Mar 2015, 17:21

Sorry to hear your bad experience with the Chery QQ3, since I found it the other way around.

I replaced my high-tension wires when I reached >60.000 km (>4 years), my alternator blew-out when I hit the flood last year, replaced the water-pump 2 years ago and some other parts. The battery was replaced after >4 years (2013 and maybe next year), timing belt at 60.000 km, clutch disk at 70.000 km, and many more. But mostly those are wear and tear items, and they happen to practically any car including a Rolls or Audi.

Got overheated twice (leaked water pump and damaged hose on a gravel road), broken timing belt once, but virtually no damage to the cylinder head or any engine performance so far. I am now reaching >100.000 km, and it still works fine.

I admit it, it's not a great car, but for its extremely low price, it's worth every penny.

13th Apr 2015, 12:13

Hi Chery QQ drivers and owners. Can anyone recommend me a cheap and good workshop to repair the air con and timing belt? Hope to receive some info.

17th Apr 2015, 18:20

Where do you get the parts? I'm having trouble getting some replacement parts; even the filters are not available in Botswana.

31st Dec 2015, 14:36

Hello my Botswana friend, it's a big pleasure to meet you...

The Chery QQ's parts are actually came from various (and famous) vendors. You can find big names such as Siemens-VDO, Bosch, Valeo, Omron, Daikin, Hitachi etc.

For instance, QQ's clutch plate, covers and bearing are identical to the Suzuki Wagon R (Daikin Brand), the water pump is identical to the Daihatsu EW-JE engine, and the tally continues to almost all parts.

In Indonesia, Chery's dealer has been out business since 2011, but almost all Chery QQs work fine so far, until nobody here wants to drive it, I suppose.

3rd Jan 2016, 05:05

Hi Chery QQ user,

I don't know where you live, but I believe you can find the timing belt easily. It is identical to the Ford Laser. The manufacturer of timing belts is "Gates", a famous name for belts. I've experienced a ruptured timing belt while driving, and I found the piston's groove prevented the chamber valve from hitting the piston.

Replace the timing belt (and the respective tensioner) and it will immediately bring your engine back to life.

About the air-con, it's a common A/C system, with common connector, elbow, flexible hose etc.

15th Jun 2016, 14:12

Hi, I'm interested in buying a Chery QQ3 2008 model. The current mileage is 94 434 km, do you recommend that I buy the car or not?

26th Sep 2016, 23:55

How did you get this car? Chery was never sold in Romania.

16th Mar 2020, 03:24

Purchased a Chery QQ 0.8 liter in 2009 for $4,200 new with A/C . It's 10 years and yesterday was the first time the car failed to get me to my destination. This is undoubtedly THE BEST CAR (at 66 and an American you can bet I have owned many a car since age 16).

6th Jun 2020, 07:44

MPD Vaal in South Africa carries parts.