2008 Chery QQ GX petrol from Indonesia


This car deserve more applause than its price


Power windows jammed at 10.000.

Gearshift cable, replaced at 38.000.

Alternator blown out at 41.000.

Headlight bulb out (RH side) at 42.000.

Power steering oil pipe leaks at 44.000.

Reverse light switch does not work at 45.000.

General Comments:

Simple, easy to drive, easy on the pocket, fair performance and fairly equipped (A/C, disc player, power windows, power steering etc).

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Review Date: 19th September, 2012

5th Dec 2014, 10:39

The Chery QQ3 has been the worst driving experience of my life.

In 100 000km the car was off the road three months of every year.

The alternator was replaced three times. The battery twice.

The HT leads are going for a third round now.

The heads had to be skimmed, and the water pump replaced etc etc etc.

The car was bought at a retail price of R63 000, and has cost over R40 000 in maintenance over 100 000 km.

I will not recommend this brand to anyone, and will never invest in the Chery brand myself again.

This is the most disappointing brand of vehicles I have ever had the misfortune of driving.

1st Mar 2015, 17:21

Sorry to hear your bad experience with the Chery QQ3, since I found it the other way around.

I replaced my high-tension wires when I reached >60.000 km (>4 years), my alternator blew-out when I hit the flood last year, replaced the water-pump 2 years ago and some other parts. The battery was replaced after >4 years (2013 and maybe next year), timing belt at 60.000 km, clutch disk at 70.000 km, and many more. But mostly those are wear and tear items, and they happen to practically any car including a Rolls or Audi.

Got overheated twice (leaked water pump and damaged hose on a gravel road), broken timing belt once, but virtually no damage to the cylinder head or any engine performance so far. I am now reaching >100.000 km, and it still works fine.

I admit it, it's not a great car, but for its extremely low price, it's worth every penny.

13th Apr 2015, 12:13

Hi Chery QQ drivers and owners. Can anyone recommend me a cheap and good workshop to repair the air con and timing belt? Hope to receive some info.

17th Apr 2015, 18:20

Where do you get the parts? I'm having trouble getting some replacement parts; even the filters are not available in Botswana.

2007 Chery QQ TXE 1.1 from South Africa




My alternator malfunctioned after 10000 km, and the dealer refused to replace it free of charge.

Airbag light stays on. The dealership can't find the problem. I gave up asking to repair it after four years. I doubt the airbag even works now.

The seats broke twice. The dealer replaced it. I had to wait twelve months per chair, and on top of that the chair was the wrong size.

The air conditioner control unit malfunctioned after 6 months of purchase.

I have a book of the list of problems that I got within the first year of ownership, amounting to over 30 000 Rand. The car is definitely not worth what I paid for it. I can't even sell it, as the resale value of the car is less than 25% of what I still owe on the car.

This is the worst car ever.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2012

21st Oct 2014, 12:36

I agree with you 100%. My fiancé has one and it's the biggest piece of crap.

Spark plug leads just break out of nowhere.

Dashboard caved in and crumpled up.

Interior plastics crack and fall off. Everything rattles.

Shifting gears is harsh and clunky.

Shocks are shot. Handling is terrible.

Front headlights fog up.

Yesterday the alternator packed up.

All of this and more, and the car's got a full service history with Chery. We are trying to sell the car, but it's worth 25% less than what we owe on it.


19th Sep 2015, 11:41

I'm sorry you have had such a bad experience. Mine is completely the opposite. I've had my car since 2009. She has 98000 km on her and I had the brake switch replaced within the first year. The front brakes were done at 75000km. Still have not had to replace the back brakes.

The battery packed up after four years and had that replaced.

The dash does not do well in the sun and did crumble, but the dealer replaced it at no cost to me, and it happened after my warranty was over after three years.

I will definitely buy another.