1974 Fiat 124 Sp Coupe 1800


I inherited the car with 70k miles. I drove it till 145k (present). The original differential was noisy so I replaced it. Blew the timing belt at 144K - may have over extended it's life. Oil seals were shot by 120k.

Installed several distributors, and U-joints, (probably due to worn trailing arm). Replaced the driveshaft rubber donut, a water pump and the thermostat. Replaced ball joints and brake calipers. Lower A-arm bushing aged prematurely. Aging fuel lines replaced and carb cleaning required due to sediment build up.

General Comments:

Engine and transmission are extremely solid (Ferrari designer designed the engine). Body rusted easily, but is one of the most solid constructions I've ever seen (every inch is welded.. including fenders).

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Review Date: 14th October, 1999

9th Jul 2001, 23:25

I had a 124 sport 1400 and I can agree that the mechanicals are strong. The body however is very very prone to rust and the interior is also cheaply made. All the money went on the oily bits.

1st Aug 2001, 21:36

My 2nd car was a 1600BC coupe.

It was reliable, cheap to run, economical and bloody fast!

I regret selling it. It was rust free and one of the best examples around.

Today it is deemed as a classic.

If a similar car was to be made today using modern materials, the cost would be in excess of $100K!