20th Oct 2002, 05:12

I have a 1600 BC, and I think it is great. I put twin weber downdrafts in it and it goes great.

10th Apr 2006, 04:54

The 1608 BC 124 Coupe is most probably the pick and top of the heap regards these cars. The smaller 1438 BC was so good it was incredible, the "1600" was just that much better, and the looks of this model are only approached for purity by the AC 1438 original.

Interestingly it's a lay down mazare the BC front is also featured on the Dino Coupe, AND the Jensen Interceptor, if you observe closely.

These things have GOT to be a classic. Might just have to get around to finding one.

9th Jul 2006, 02:53

I've had a 1972 Fiat 124 BC coupe since 1986 (20 years!). It was full of rust, but in 1995 had it all removed, with new panels being hand built and finished in lead - It cost an absolute fortune - but another 10 years on it all seems worth it.

Back in 1986, it was a gutsy car, with great performance and awesome handling. Now, a modern car will easily out perform the Fiat, but the emphasis has changed to that of a classic car, which I still love to "drive" - and do so every other weekend. It's a car I will never sell.

I also purchased a Fiat 124 Spider a few years ago, and throughly enjoy the summer days cruising in this car.

23rd Feb 2010, 13:43

Yep. These cars are certainly fun to drive. I bought a pristine 1969 1458 AC in 1977. It was a standard spec with Cromodora mags. Revved like a sewing machine, handled totally predictably. Surprised plenty of ostensibly bigger engined faster cars of the time.

Replaced it with an equally pristine 1975 1756 CC, which I have kept until today. Not concourse, but not that far off. Even has it's original semi free flow alloy exhaust system that sounds great from idle to 7000rpm. Great car. Amazing how few people recognise it as a Fiat. I am currently tempted to up the power output and fiddle a bit, but the fact that it is in such good nick and so original is keeping me guessing.

A perfect addition would be the Spider. It still holds its own with that classic Pininfarina styling. The Coupe is definitely a cooler day car with the large area of glass. Of all cars I have driven, the visibility that one experiences from the coupe cabin is astonishing. You can park it to the millimeter without bumping.