1972 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Italian charmer


Needed lots of jobs... mainly welding - not surprising for a 40 year old Fiat!

General Comments:

A very attractive looking car. Understated elegant design with the lovely and lively twin cam engine, mated to a very slick 5 speed box. Goes at quite a pace, and with discs all round and stiff (on this car) suspension, it handles very well.

Vision is very good, and the interior is pure '60s Italian charm. It's noisy, but who cares when you're listening to the music made by that wonderful twin cam!

Downsides are the typically Italian driving position; I like it personally, but others may not. Relatively (25 MPG) high fuel consumption and rust, rust, rust, and more rust! If you can find a rust free car or are willing to put in the work though, this car is a real joy to drive, or to stand and stare at!

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Review Date: 21st July, 2012

1977 Fiat 124 Sport Spider 1.8 from North America


My absolute favorite car I could ever hope to afford


Over twenty two years, had the front suspension rebuilt twice.

Brakes were rebuilt once.

Exhaust system was replaced once.

Coil was replaced.

Rest regular maintenance.

General Comments:

I love this car.

First on my list is its appearance. The FIAT 124 Spider was designed and built by Pininfarina, using FIAT components and mechanical design.

The handing is superb for a car of its era. It is wonderful on a curving mountain road, giving great feedback to the driver, and inspiring confidence.

It is very comfortable for a sports car. Roomy too.

The top goes up and down in seconds, and is weather tight.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2010

1978 Fiat 124 Spider 1800 1.8L Twin Cam from North America


The Spider's looks, handling and reliability make it one of my all time favorite cars


The car had been sitting before I bought it. To make it reliable when I bought it, I replaced the Thermostat, Master Cylinder and Radiator Fan Switch. I purchased and installed all parts myself. Cost $350 US Dollars.

The frame rails had cracks in them, so the front end was reinforced and all bushings and bearings and shocks renewed. Cost $1600 US Dollars.

A Tow Truck driver put 2 large holes in the radiator while trying to load it onto a flatbed (always tow this car on a flatbed, the oil pan will be dented otherwise). Watch the tow attachment points!!! Cost $150 US Dollars.

General Comments:

I love this car. Ferrari styling on a Ford budget.

Pinninfarina styling, same as Ferrari. Engine also designed by a Ferrari engineer.

Once sorted out, a very reliable car. I take it on long trips (800 miles) without a thought.

Much more comfortable for a tall person (6'3") than similarly sized cars. Considerably wider than a Miata, Z3, MG, etc.

Performance is easily upgraded through carburetor and exhaust replacement.

Parts are readily available through several catalog and on-line vendors.

Vast owner support network on-line.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2008

1967 Fiat 124 AC Sport 1.4 from Australia and New Zealand




Various over 30+ years of ownership including engine rebuild (head/head gasket twice), front shocks, rear diff twice, upgraded lighting, steering rack, trim inside car is disintegrating.

General Comments:

My father was fortunate to buy this car new in Turin in 1967 and was one of the first right hand drives of this model, being the smallest engined 1400cc 'AC' model. He has owned the car from new, having imported it privately to Australia in the early 70's. Rust has started to appear on the body, but for a 38 year old Fiat this isn't too bad (was built before Fiat did their steel deal with Russia I think). For a car of its age the performance is great, being an older car the driver is still 'connected to the road' in a way that is not possible with most modern cars, with electronic gadgetry having removed a large part of the driving sensation. Performance from the twin cam engine is good, while all round disk brakes was ahead of its time as well. I plan on doing a complete bare-metal rebuild of the car to concourse condition over the coming years, which may not be economically sound, but given this is a one owner car and a part of the family it will be done right!

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Review Date: 26th October, 2005

1st Aug 2008, 06:36

Hello, how much would a f 68 be worth fully restored?

9th May 2013, 10:44

Hi, I've owned a number of ACs.

I sold a 4 owner car in 2007 for $8500 and a basket case 68 twin filler 250 Ducati... so it was worth approx 16k.

The AC was bought by a Fiat fanatic who just had to have it... and who has never driven it since. I know where it is, and now pester the current owner for it... me personally, I would pay 12k for my car.

A 'fully restored car', you'd need to be more specific re: spec, work done, ability to verify the work etc.

An honest AC sold recently at Shannon's for $8500.

Cheers, Michel.