1994 SAAB 9000 5-door CSE Turbo 2.0L B204L 185 HP


Fantastic; I only regret not having bought it before


A slight loss of oil from the head of the engine, let's say a spoon every 5,000 km.

A little noise from the manual gearbox when cold, inserting the 3rd and 5th gears. My mechanic says it's nothing important, like a tie rod.

General Comments:

I bought it with 206,000 km, for 800 Euros, and immediately converted it to LPG.

This car is fantastic. Saab has probably closed because they were making cars that were too good for the comprehension of people.

Fast, safe, stout, comfortable, roomy, reliable, very good brakes, still the original turbocharger; doesn't burn oil, everything works, no sign of rust.

Very pleasant to drive, makes other cars seem dull, a smooth turbo that allows you to overtake other cars without effort. Consumption: 11-12 liters of LPG for 100 km if used with care, 10 liters of gasoline.

I only changed the timing chain and the muffler, immediately after having bought the car. Needs synthetic motor oil every 10,000 km, especially for the timing chain's sake, and a careful warm-up (never over 2,500 RPM when the engine is not at temperature).

A weak point is the manual transmission, they say. I immediately changed the old mineral oil with a synthetic one, 75w90 for manual transmissions; you should use the SAAB procedure: drain the gearbox, fill it with one liter of the new oil, start the car and let it run for 30 seconds on the hoist changing the gears, repeat draining, filling and running, drain, put in 2 liters of the new oil and live happily for the next 100,000 km. This should lengthen the transmission's life.

You don't need the specific Saab oil, since it's dear and it was substituted with a lot of equivalents; in the end you come to a synthetic 75w90 (75w80 for cold countries).

Conclusion: a superb car, that unites worthy materials for years of enjoyment; ecological, because it lasts very long. You'll find every spare part on German and Scandinavian websites. My congratulations to SAAB engineering.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2015